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Disappearing off this site

I'm going to delete my account...):
What's the point if HE doesn't love me?
Answer back bae ):

Does he still love me?

Got a very weird message this morning.. Not a breakup message but something worse...
And I ask u this bae
): heartache

Me again

Another pic for my bae


This is for u bae (:

There is no one 4 me but u

I know u may be suspicious but I will tel u the truth
The only one I wanna b with is u
U make me feel alive
U r the one I want by my side
And I would never try to jeopardize

My Halloween costume

Introducing lyndzi the shadowhunter
I got the pic off the web

He is mad

I made him mad ):

Songs I'm obsessed with

How to save a life- the fray
Disengage-suicide silence
Lost it all- black veil brides
Helena- mcr
The black parade- mcr
Smells like teen spirit- nirvana
Not good enough for the truth in clique- escape the fate
When ur gone- Avril lavigne
And so much more

I tripped and fell

oh decided to play the backstreet boys!!??