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Pour some sugar on me (deff leopard) tom cruise rock of ages

Original song is by deff leopard but it was in rock of ages
Tom cruise as Stacee jace


This Is the song me and my bae decided upon
Hope u enjoy!!

Human convo

Who wants to chat?

Mitch lucker memorial show
You only live once

This is the link for u only live once

Mitch lucker

Idk how many of u r aware of this but yesterday marked the two year anniversary of Mitch Adam luckers death who was the lead singer of suicide silence. He died in a drunken motorcycle accident. I cried all day and only stopped at 12:30 am. He left behind a beautiful daughter but a bitchy wife. Suicide silence song "you only live once" became the anthem for his death. He was 27 wen he died like Kurt cobain was. What's even more tragic is that he died 9'days before his birthday. He was born on October 11 1984

Mitch if u see me writing this from heaven then tell god to not let u
" only live once"

Not authorized

Wtf? It says I'm not authorized to see my profile

He is

He is my heart
He is my soul
He makes me smile
He loves me 4 me
I would die for him


There so cute!!


I hate it wen people tell me not to take stuff personally!!
Grr bitch!!
I take everything personally