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I'm not

So today I got accused of being a lesbian.....I'm not but I don't have anything against them..I accept all sexual orientations

I think the only reason the chic said tht was cauze she is bi and she thinks I'm hot

Will publish

I will publish some of my poetry on here soon


Good morning everyone!!


A very important mans bday is approaching
Yes I'm talking about frank iero
This is ieroween!!

What's the point?

What's the point of living if nothing matters anymore? What's the point if I'm on Hells shores?


H: ell in human form
A: ttention whores
T: horns in creative peoples sides
E: xtravegently stupid
R: Eason I'm famous
S: ickly judgemental

* yeah I'm talking to u!!
FYI: u only hate the people u can't be or have
Haters make me famous
Hates my name
Being awesomes my game


Ok so I'm a writer and I've started to write poetry
I sent one to my bae he loved it
All the others might be to depressing
Does anyone have any ideas for new ones?


That's the word for the fear of long words


Someone tlk to me!!


Can anyone guess wat I'm about to listen to? (: