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huh, Who Knew I'd be in Detention!

oh well, I really don't give a fuck. I didn't finish, yet another, English assignment.... Fuck... oh hey! There's one!! **haha it's funny, laugh! :) ** yea, I've been in a shitty mood today, whatever. It's not like anyone cares. I'm sposed to be working on said assignment... A book review for Night. Here's a review for ya! It sucked!! Yeah, yeah, Oprah read it. I don't care.... It was too short, and I was forced to read it... I didn't enjoy it...
Is it weird that I like this Detention place?! We're discussing murder. And now if my teacher's wife is ever found dead, we all know how he did it! Which is stupid, You should never discuss how you plan on killing someone. Especially not with a bunch of dumb-fucks like us!! **sigh** I'd like to sleep........ And cuddle.... Cuddles sound Amazing right now...

Hey Guys! Missed Halloween postings by a few minutes **it's now the 1st**

ok, happy late birthday Frank! lol I missed posting this on Halloween by a single minute!!! It is now the 1st of November and my mother's wedding is today.
I really didn't expect today to be that great, but it was fucking awesome!!!! Hung out with friends at school, embarrassed the shit outa myself, helped decorate for the wedding, dressed up some college students, went to a haunted maze, and am now posting this =^.^= BTW, this is me... I had a lot of fun with my costume, as simple and easy as it was. I actually loved it cx
*I wore a red tie with a Nightmare Before Christmas tank top tucked into black highwaisted shorts, over skeleton leggings. Nightmare Before Christmas hand warmers, black rose earrings, and an MCR sweater ^w^ plus fake purple/black eyelashes, bite marks[real and fake!], and a lot of lipstick!! haha, it was fun. I hope you all had an AMAZING Ieroween!! XD

Cosplay- Homestuck

This Halloween, my sister, her friends, my friends, and I are all cosplaying as Homestuck Characters!!!! YAY!!! This is my first time actually doing a group cosplay thing and I'm so excited! :::;)
If anyone else reads/watches Homestuck, do you have any tips/hints for horns? Cause I used Styrofoam aaaaaaaand it didn't turn out so well........ too 8oxy.


so..... I've been wondering.... How everyone is Montana is..... ::::( I know I have no right to it, but, I can't help it....... I've been feeling homesick and, well..... I miss them......... After everything that happened... I miss them, so much... Especially Colette.... I miss her the most right now..... Little Colette.... smart, artistic, extremely talented.... used to be my role model and my best friend.... I'm kind of bouncing back and forth between being depressed and happy today, it sucks...
My brother is getting here around 12:15 (lunch) from Montana.... My mum's wedding is this Saturday :/ Day after Halloween.... That oughta be interesting... Just means this Friday's going to be really really boring...

Breakfast Club

Like, Holy Shit.. That's how it feels right now!! No one else has to be at school today, but I have to be here to serve detention! I didn't finish an essay,,.... soooooooo.... oops lol. And there's this other kid in here that I would likely NEVER talk to on any other day. haha, Breakfast club-like feelings. if only there were 3 other people in here!!!


I'm JusT So FucKIng Angery Right now!! I've BeEn angery all dAY!!!!


This anger I feel
broils to the surface
as you tell me,
he raped her.
My friend,
a petite and
pretty blonde,
raped at the
age of 14.
Fucked for the
rest of her life.
Fucked with
those memories
of his fucking..
If they find
his dead body,
who will point
their dirty finger
at me?
--------------------------------------------- I just found out the reason why my friend hasn't been at school for the past week..... i guess she skipped to hang out with an older highschooler, and he raped her.... i literally just found out, not five minutes before this blog........


Swing swing swing
I can't wait to get high
after this low low low
blare this music
to help lift me up up
Up and down
goes this swing

A swing propels me into
the crisp air
then drops me into
that dark abyss.
This is just
the way it is

Swing Swing Swing
I hate these lows
I wanna get high high high!!!
under the night's shroud
the blood drips drips
Drips of rain fall
onto your face

A swing propels me into
the crisp air
then drops me into
that dark abyss.
This is just
the way it is

Swing Swing Swing
Just drop me now
I will never be H-A-P-P-Y....
I have slipped and now
I keep falling
and falling
and falling
my mind can never
be fixed...


Hopeless dreams
and shattered lives.
Pains in my chest
as I say goodbye.
Miles away,
hearts apart
watching as you cart
your things away...
feeling drugged up
Fucked up,
shamed in oh
so many ways.
counting the pills.
I'm almost out...
gazing at the scars
wanting to join
these stars
floating in your eyes...
More crap I'm typing off the top of my head.... I'm pretty upset right now. I'm angry at people, I want to break down and scream or cry.... I have a headache... and second hour hasn't even started yet.......


I place up these walls
To keep away the pain.
It pushes against them,
chipping away at them,
Breaking them down.
Though they are still
there, for now...
I put them down
as soon as I'm alone
So I can reuse them.
Over and over
Everyday. Day after day...
The pain is there
constant, never ending...
Around strangers
Around friends
Around everyone...
It never stops,
Never ceases,
And these walls are
not strong enough
to hold it all back....