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can i have a little advice?

I'm starting babysitting.... I know, a terrifying thought... so if any one can give me some advice, that'd be pretty awesome! by the way, the two kids are around 10 and 7... so please... a little help? it'd be Monday through Friday, 6:00 am through 4:00 pm... all summer...

a little help, please

as the title says, i'd like a little help....with what? you ask, well i'm trying to do a photoshoot, but I don't have any one to do it with... the whole concept is kinda gothic, Victorian style vampire or whatever.... and since no one in my life wants to do a photoshoot, im asking for someone on here to do it, so that I can then draw it....I will credit whoever helps me! so if you'd like to help, please message me! :) thanks!

more random poetry

secrets out that shouldn't be
the blood washed off,the smiles faked
in plain sight, yet never spake.
but can you not see, all the pain in her eyes?

then you took off her trainers,
now you bandage her lifeless wrists.
was she in plain sight, did she never speak,
couldn't you see all the pain in her eyes?

she had laughed, smiled and cried,
tears of loneliness, regret and despair,
she was in plain sight, she never spake,
why couldn't you see all the pain in her eyes?

~~~I do not own the photo, that's my friends art... but I wrote this at school when I was really depressed...when I was abt to

im just writing this off the top of my head.

twas a stormy, cloudy night
when the demon took her life.
curled in a corner,
nowhere to run
nowhere to hide.

so up she looked
into it's eyes.
they were the blue
of a cloudless day,
the blue of a depthless ocean.
so down, down she sank,
lost in the blue
of a depthless day...

the bubbles stopped
at her lips,
no more need for air,
no more need for life.
yet still she did cling
to that last hope or dream.
twas a blissful feeling
of weightlessness,
of sleep.

never did she think
she would wake in her bed,
to a blue cloudless day,
to her covers,
a depthless gray.
her hair astray,
sick with fever,

this fucked up world

why do we have to live? here, in this fucked up world? why is it that life must rape every last one of us? I hear about people who want to end it, people whose lives are worse than mine was, and I just think.... why don't people feel empathy? feel sorrow for others?

can't sleep

so guys, i haven't posted in forever... what's up? well, other than the sky. (*failed attempt at being funny*) as you can tell, I can't sleep.


the title of this piece is
time stopped,
everything still.
then the tick
of a clock
rang out.
a word,
or a few,
and everything
did move.
but me
and you.
~not the best, but none of my work is... so whatever, just putting it out there.