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lostn'foundagain's blog

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Ok, I had an idea that anytime anyone gets on this site, they should post a blog and try and comment on any other blogs!!! PLEASE!!!! this site has been dead, it's as if when
MCR broke up, everyone else just GAVE UP.... I've read a couple of blogs(even posted a few meself) where they're asking for help, but no one's helping..... SO COME ON PEOPLE!!!! :) LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!! I DON'T CARE IF YOU POST RANDOM CRAP, OR MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY! :) HAVE SOME FUN!!! :) (: and also, for anyone out there who would like to rant or rave, or who needs someone to talk to, I will listen.


well, my mom and stepdad got in this huge fight today while I was hiding upstairs with my two bffs... I think we were all kinda scared... but criss ended up leaving a huge dent in my ,moms piece of shit car.... so as u can tell, im pretty upset... my boyfriend's not answering his phone or even talking to me, so idk what I should do.... I have an inner fear that he may be cheating on me, but im not for sure on it... I just really need someone to talk to abt it... preferably someone who doesn't want to punch him in the face every time he hurts my feelings(sorry bff) but yea... im just oober


well, so far the babysitting job is awful, nina is 100% disrespectful and annoying.

my new "tattoo"

I asked my dad to give me a tattoo and he did!! :) well, sort of. I'm too young for a real one, so he did the usual tattoo stuff but then just painted it on... says he prepared it like a real one to give me the feeling I was getting a real one and to teach me what to do.

killjoy masks and names

so I found these really cool killjoy masks on deviantart and decided to make my own(that's the pic) ALSO!! for some reason I can't decide how MY mask should a little help there would be kinda nice..... and I still haven't decided on a killjoy name.... man, i'm behind....

anyone else have a deviantart???

I've had a deviantart account for a while, but I just started posting stuff, so if any one wants to follow/watch, i'll follow/watch back!! my user name is lost-n-found-again thanks!! :)

my new cut!!! :) 3

this's when I cover up the shaved part. btw how do u add more than one photo to one blog????

my new cut!!! :) 2

this's the side

my new cut!!! :)

YAY!!! I GOT MY HAIRCUT!!! :) my stepmoms friend Kathy cut and dyed my hair last night!! :) I'm soooo happy!!!

can i have a little advice?

I'm starting babysitting.... I know, a terrifying thought... so if any one can give me some advice, that'd be pretty awesome! by the way, the two kids are around 10 and 7... so please... a little help? it'd be Monday through Friday, 6:00 am through 4:00 pm... all summer...