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I swear to fucking god, I'm going to fucking beat The Shit Out Of Someone!!!!!!!! I've been dealing with their fucking bullshit all FUCKING YEAR! I am sick. And. FUCKING TIRED OF IT!!!! It started with being ignored and listening to you talk behind my back. Moved on to you kicking me out of the band, being complete bitches, saying "hey we got your back" and fucking stabbing it numerous times. Making my life a fucking LIVING HELL and making me want to fucking SLIT MY WRISTS OPEN AGAIN!!! I'm sick of it!

Christmas time again

So I made my boyfriend a CD for Christmas... Is that too wierd??? Cause its our second Christmas that we've been dating. His family invited me over for Christmas dinner the other day too.... It was awkward... His grandparents both hugged me; according to Tristan, I am now part of the family..... Aside from that, I made a clay unicorn for my friend Kendall. What do you think?

Just because

Just because

Why are we here?
Such a well-known question.
Is it because of god?
Or is it just because?
So many people wonder
So many people guess...
Maybe they're right,
Maybe they're wrong...
But what's the point?
What are we living FOR?
It could be heaven,
But if it's not....
Then what's the point?
Is it just so that we can rot,
Somewhere underground?
Or is it just because?
We do our little dance here
Between life and death.
Many if us never knowing
What it's like to live.
All of us forced to find out
What it's like to die....
And I guess there are such
Things as angels and demons.
They are

midnight hyperness!! :)

fuck.... i downed 2 whole monsters and now its midnight and im too fucking hyper.... everyone else is out and im stuck having to pee every five minutes and wanting to run a mile outside.... and then to top it all off, im flirting w my ex boyfriend... shit... im a horrible person... but the sad thing is... im still in love with him.... ive never stopped loving him... even after i started dating the new kid, paul... i just cant stop comparing him to tristan.... cant stop thing about him... its sad, i put on a happy/hyper face, but underneath it all im crying/screaming for him to come back to my

I've turned into a total Bitch....

I broke up with my boyfriend and now im already dating another guy... I've been completely ignoring my best friends and spacing out constantly when my mom talks to me.... they get im a teenager and am going to go through that whole rebel phase, but I don't get how/why ive turned myself into this shitty human.... yet im doing absolutely nothing to change it... wow... the things you realize late at night....


I'm breaking up with my boyfriend.... I can't handle the pain of loving someone whom I will never reach.... I'm sorry T....

:D Homecoming!

omg!!! I went to homecoming last night with my boyfriend! it was fucking awesome!! I wore this beautiful red dress with thigh high stockings that were black and had red drops of blood on them with zippers on the sides.... we got there when the doors opened and once I went upstairs to the dance floor, I automatically ran over to the dj and requested mcr!


sooo, anybody else like bread? lol of course! what about D. Gray Man? Fruits Basket? Soul Eater? Rosario Vampire even?? yes, no? oh, ok..... just putting it out there :)

help? advice? anything?

there's this commercial on T.V. advertising for this site called , I've been feeling really worthless and depressed and I was wondering if any of you guys have used it.... so have you?

ugh.. makes my skin crawl!

ugh! gross!! I'm watching The Bay, and just, GROSS! I mean, even when they don't show what's happening, just have the audio, it still makes your skin crawl when you imagine it!