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lostn'foundagain's blog

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Said I'd post a photo of today's outfit. So here ^.^
Merp School Sucks

Like the dumbass I am known to be, I wore a fucking DRESS to school...... I'll try an upload a photo later.... but it's for this musical I'm in. Called All Shook Up. it's an Elvis Play... very funny, inappropriate. whatever.... So I hope you guys enjoy your Day!!!! ^~^
Love You All!! <3

Regarding my other blog

It's only MOnday and so far I've already had 5 different people ask me who I was and I've been in their classes all year..... shows how much I socialize! haha. It's funny cause when we were little, one of the superpowers a lot of us always wanted was the ability to disappear. Aaaaaaaand we got our wish.


uuuuuuuummmmmmmm........ so, my bf wants to have sex........ with me........ if that wasn't already implied........ and i wanna have it with him........ soooooooo........ i don't know........a lot of advice is needed here........

Tumblr + SChool

Me scrolling through tumblr: ""please no porn, please no porn, please no porn"" updates page ""oh shit!! POrn!!"" right as a teacher walks past....

Algebra 1 boredom

GUess what?! We get to use our computers in Algebra 1. and I ended up getting the HIGHEST score in my class, so far, on our NWEA testing. more standards to live up to, oh well... On the other hand, I has a boyfriend!! XD again... yea, I feel like a slut on this site... I'm constantly updating you on my relationship lol!!! im sorry you are subjected to reading my shitty ass blogs.
I'm thinking about buying that School Sucks Start A Band Varsity MCR Jacket... but I don't have any moneys....... :( so any recommendations as to how i could get me some moneys?? please and thank you.... So I hope you all are doing alright, if not, my message box is open, or you can try out this site called 7 cups of tea>> << it's a helpful site, they always have someone on there ready to listen if you're having relationship trouble, depression, anxiety, etc, etc..... so yea
LOve You All!!!!

well, i have a habit of forgetting about this site... sorry.....

sorry.... seems i only really remember this site when i need help.... which makes me sound like a bitch...... but.... i lost my voluntary V card..... and at the moment, i want to kill myself... has nothing to do with losing my virginity, its just night time.... i get that way at night..... i wrote pain on my arm with my pencil today and didnt even realize i was making my arm bleed.... like wow, i was that out of it..... uuummmm, im dating the guy i lost my v card to, hes fun.. also depressed, but when we're together i guess we make each other whole... we're happy. so yea, that's my post.....
goodnight all.....

Heart break

I've been lie ing here since 12
That makes over two hours
Crying, pleading, clawing
At my flesh. I'm in so much pain.
Thinking about you...
I'm leaving you, and I
Don't know what to do.
I haven't seen you
In over a month.
And you get the news that-
I'm moving far away.
I'm sorry sorry sorry...
I love you, never want to hurt you.
But I'm hurting myself.
I've already hurt you though.
Many many times before.
And the guilt, the heart break
Is tearing me apart.
No one sees the tears.
Here's the screams at night.
Or suspects the thoughts
Trailing through my mind.
But very soon- I will give in.

im moving

well, it's official!!!! I'm moving away from this god forsaken place!!! to none other than Kansas.... I'm fucking ecstatic! so all these bitches here, the ones that hate me and want me dead and out of your lives, you can go SUCK IT!!! HAHAHA!!! 3:)

im done being crazy......