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Personal Stuff

Just a little update here.
Getting the email notification from the site saying the little Gerard Way figurines were on sale kinda got my spirits up; then I realized I have no money... so fuck... My sis told me she bought me one at Hot Topic during Christmas time, but those gifts still haven't been shipped out. .-. ah well. I have enough crap gathered in my room. Speaking of, I have this Red Line trick bike I'm looking to sell!! It's in great condition, custom black and green paint job, the brakes work!

The Sadness Inside

We were attracted to one another’s
Glancing up at just the right
to see a glimmer, a shimmer of
We couldn’t help but fall in
When it all turned to
well, what more did you
I always knew we would
one another with our own
I’m so very sorry, so very
I know you won’t forgive
— Jade Trisdale2016

Personal Stuff

A Little About My Sexuality
I identify as Bisexual, in all reality, I don’t really give a fuck. However, I feel like I lean more towards feminine attributes than I do towards any other. Another however, I have mainly dated men. Just because my history includes a majority of male partners, does not make me lean any less towards women; it does not make me crave a relationship with a woman any less.
Currently, I am in a very loving relationship with a man(and I plan on staying in this relationship as long as I can). He is pretty open minded towards my sexuality, and has even had experimental

Dreaming of Love

What if I told you
love wasn’t real?
Would you still tell me
you loved me?

Now what if I told you
I loved you?
Would you believe me,
or spit my words
back in my face?

A venomous python
out at people conceived
as threats.

You are not so,
for you don’t
or strike
out at me
not yet, anyways…

What if I told you
love wasn’t real?
would you still tell me
you loved me?

What if love is
some illusion?
a dreamland for those dreamers
whose eyes can not see,
but whose hearts feel so…

Am I blind?
Is my heart filled
with such warmth as that
of a dreamers?
I daresay,
it is

Happy Birthday My Dear

I have this friend.
She goes by Sony,
But her true name
Means Dream.
Just as she is.
She is a dream
In this realm of reality.
She smiles,
And you know it’s
She cracks jokes,
And you can't help
But laugh.
Its her nature
To bring joy.
She is a jewel
As her second name
A rare gift that has
A love for pies
We love our little
Dreaming jewel.
She is beautiful
And strong.
And she will always
Find a place to belong
Here in our hearts...

Sognira, You are an amazing girl, and I wish you a Happy Birthday <3


Four letters.
So many meanings.
Expressed in anger, frustration,
We circle back to the basis.
The primal instinct.
The animal in our anatomy.
To fuck.
Such a dirty word.
Such a dirty meaning.
Such a fun time...
F-can stand for a fun time.
U-could be between us.
C-are the covers we end up
K-kicking off of us…
©Poetry by Jade Trisdale

Counting Love

I thought about counting
how many times I have said
“I love you”
but it would be nigh impossible.
For I have said it with every
I’ve said it with every glance;
I have said it with every hug,
and every kiss;
I’ve said it with each worry,
and each smile;
I’ve loved you with each
and every breath…
— Jade Trisdale


As I look out on this horizon,
I fail to see the majesty of the mountains
I found so dear from Montana.
What I do see is space.
A vastness of flatlands punctuated
Only by the structures man made.
Only by the arms and
Appendages of the trees.
Reaching up to the high heavens
From their orange horizon depicting
Reaching up to the infinity of the
Blue oceans above filled with
Fish made of stars.
Filled with coral reefs made of clouds.
Those bones of the dead trees
Reaching up to the sea-green oceans
Is the only beauty I see in this
Wasteland of the Bible belt...
~Jade Trisdale

Since I


The site is on FIRE. Like someone grab the holy water! Let's put these demons out! JK, I love seeing all the new blogs. I'm glad there're so many new people getting on here since yesterday. 15 new pages worth of blogs!!! That's quite a difference compared to last week. Welcome to all the new bloggers!

I might blog later today, I wrote a new poem, so I'm thinking about posting it. It's pretty lame though.
Anyways, have a great day everyone!