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lostn'foundagain's blog

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How About A Positive Note

Donuts exist! And they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, powdered, creamed, coated, and naked! I'm currently sitting here with a big ol' bag of powdered donuts myself and a cup of mostly empty and verging on cold coffee. I hope everyone on here is doing okay <3 I've missed this community a lot. So much has been going on in life and I'm glad to still be alive. This is my last year of high school too! and I'm 18 already! My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary this week ^=^ I've come so far in my relationships now from where they used to be when I started on this blog.
I'm not

I'm still alive!

Tired af, but my heart is still beating and I'm still breathing~! <3

Hey Guys

I forgot what my account info was!! I mistook my own account as 1nnocence1sdead *which is my tumblr* oops. Oh well. I remembered now XD
Super syked abt the new stuff going on w MCR. about to start school. I have a job! Which is really exciting. I'm going on 8 months w my love. 8 or 9? I'm hella tired right now. I actually swam yesterday! I finally learned how to swim. A really big accomplishment for me cause it's taken me so damn long and a fear of deep water to get over. So yeah. Pretty proud of myself! ^=^

To anyone still on this site

I love you. You are loved by so many. With all this needless death right now, especially during pride month, everyone should hear that they are loved and cared about. If you are a part of the lgbtqa+ community, I am so proud of you. Out or not. I am proud of every one of you for being who you are and being here.
Stay safe everyone.

Wow... hi. I forgot how to blog xD

Alrighty then. It has been another forever since I've blogged on here. I tend to forget about blogging since I'm always on Tumblr reblogging! I'm still with my love, we're happy together. But, I'm scared... cause I'm going to be leaving town for an entire week... I hope he still loves me when I get back.. I know I'm going to miss him like crazy. i guess... whatever happens, happens.... i can't control it when i'm not there. Even though I know he loves me, I still get scared that he's going to cheat on me...
*sighs* ANYWAYS
Pastel colors are really pretty, but so are dark, blues, reds, and

Personal Stuff (In Sickness and In Health)

For the past two weeks, I've been feeling like shit; coughing, sniffling, headaches, the typical symptoms that come with a cold. But no matter what I do, it won't go away! I can barely talk right now because I've been coughing so damn much, and it hurts to breathe... But guess what, I'm still having to go to school... Although, my parents finally realized this morning when I could barely choke out a "good morning", that I might need to stay home for a bit. Bummer is, I have a shit ton of tests and projects due today and the rest of this week... So I went to school anyways.

School Love

These endless thoughts
of you.

Doodling pictures
in a notebook.

Love letters,
Morning coffee
that’s cold.

Being the rebels
we are.

dealing with these

trying to keep each other

the endless embrace
of death…

Poetry by Jade Trisdale 2-26-16 9:08am

I don't really like the title of this one. If you guys can think of something, go ahead and let me know! It's not my best form of poetry, but I haven't posted one in a while.

Personal Stuff

I'm trying not to cry right now...
I... you guys know the old bad habits I have? With blades... I relapsed not too long ago.. I've been trying not to since... but I did again this morning... I.. I had brought it to school with me, for some stupid goddamned reason... and I relapsed...
Afterwards, I found my love in the hallway. He knew I was upset, just not about what, until I showed him the blade... He held his hand out for it, so... I gave it to him... hesitantly, but I still gave it to him. We went to our separate classes, and I immediately wished I hadn't given it to him.

Personal Stuff

Ugh... I'm sick DX
But mum's still making me go to school v.v she says I'm not THAT sick that I have to miss a day.. my entire body aches... I can't breathe... I just had a really bad coughing fit in the middle of class where I couldn't breathe for a bit, so I had to excuse myself to the hall and tried to regain my breath... my face is all red now cause I started crying... FUCK. Today is gonna suck... and my love isn't keeping away from me, so I'm scared I'm gonna get HIM sick... v.v I hope not... I'm feeling very pessimistic right now.. I'm sorry.

Drowning in Space

Such a timid thing.
It is everywhere,
yet nowhere…
It is visible,
yet invisible.

Space is where
the Absence
of you is.
Space is the
that separates us.

The air is seen,
but not there.
It has left the
Space in my lungs.

Space engulfs the
ships at sea,
though we call it water,
Leaving no space for
Air in our lungs.

Space is a button
on a keyboard.
The white between
The silence of three

Jade Trisdale
2-26-16 11:34am