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Here's to you My Chemical Romance...

Here's to you My Chemical Romance,from 2001-Forever. To the lives you saved,to love,to mistakes,to the good and the bad times.Your memory will live on in our speakers and our hearts...
Thankyou for letting us be part of this adventure,Thankyou for believing in us, Thankyou My Chemical Romance. Forever and Always <3

For now just wanna say...

Hey guys I've had heaps of blogs I wanted/needed to post I've just been...busy, I guess. I'm always on here and here for you to talk though.
Anyways I just felt I needed to post now I guess after MCRs news.I'll get around to posting something better and stuff, but I've just heard the news my feelings have been thrown out the window. Tears are just drying so so for now I just wanna say I'm here for all of you and to the killjoys I message and talk to, I promise I'll get around to messaging, just.....yeah.
For now here's my tumblr,just incase though if anything happens to the website , on my

I'll Try

Just quick apology and explanation, for those who noticed my absence. I went away last week, to see family in New Zealand-no wi-fi:(. Then when I got back, turns out a cyclone passed my area, so years worth of rain and big winds affecting power. I might have school tomorrow, so I'll try and get on to reply to my messages as soon as possible, and check out all your blogs:)
Keep Maching Killjoys,I really missed you all on here glad to be back:)

Fear Vs Dreams

Inspirationnal vid by 'To Write Love On Her Arms' for their new Project: 'Fear Vs Dreams'

Battle Scars

Hey Beautiful killjoys, just sort I'd share something with you:
Here is a website, that is doing some projects to help stop different self harming:

There's links on the website for each project and links to have bracelets made for you, or temporary butterfly tattoos sent out to you.

Here are the four projects:
The Butterfly Project

The Rules are:

1. When you feel like you want to cut, take a marker, pen, or sharpies and draw a butterfly on your arm or hand.
2. Name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to

December 10th

Just a repost on what's happening on the 10th. Hope you can join in.
All you have to do is is draw one red one black line on your wrist or write very much alive on your wrist or neck.
Make Some Noise Killjoys!! XD


I know lots of people are, doing the 10th of December thing. Another thing going around on instagram is #singitforthehurt were you write "Very Much Alive" on your wrist or your neck like Gerard. So if anyone wants to go that little bit further on the 10th......?

Much appreciated
-LostInWondeland :)

Make Some Noise Killjoy!

Found this on Instagram, anyone else in the MCRmy going to do this?