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Hey Killjoys,

I am SO HAPPY! Not only did I find a gift card for my friend's birthday tomorrow, but I also got another copy of the Rammstein album "Mutter"! I lost my first copy last summer when I thought I put it in the CD case from the portable stereo in the bedroom I was sleeping in at Canyon Lake. I've been meaning to buy another copy, but every time I've gone to Best Buy, we never had the time to get it because we were there for more important matters. Now, almost a YEAR after I lost it, I have it back! It's playing right now!


-Siren of Destruction

Oops...Forgot to Include Musical March Madness Last Time

Hey Killjoys,

I just wanted to say sorry for not remembering to mention Musical March Madness in my last post when I put it in the title. It was like 2 in the morning and I was hurrying to get to bed. Anyway, here's the deal.

Coheed and Cambria cheated last year soooo.....VOTE ON MUSICAL MARCH MADNESS! WE GOTTA WIN THIS YEAR! We beat 30STM AND Muse last year, so let's beat 'em again and every other band we go against!

We're obviously moving on to the second round this year- I've never even heard of Panda Bear. We beat 30STM last year, so we can do it again! WE CAN DOMINATE!

Musical March Madness and Other Things

Hey Killjoys,

It's late, so I'll just do a bulleted list on what's happened in the past few days.

-rash has gone down
-had absolute fun volunteering to hang dresses at the library for girls who have applied for them (girls who can't afford the cost of pricy dresses)
-donated my own prom dress
-my friend did it with me and stayed over for the night
-weather is getting warmer down here
-soon going thrift shopping for more shorts- it's fun and I lack shorts in my wardrobe
-we're dogsitting for my brother while he's out on a trip for Spring Break with my sister in law

Well, farewell for the

Today Is Both Sad and Happy

Hey Killjoys,

Today is a day for both happiness and sadness for me. I'll begin with the sad. As the ones who have read the post I made after Spring Break last year know, we had to put our white as snow cat Anna Molly down. It was the worst Spring Break ever. My parents took her on March 13, at about 1:30 to get it done. My mom even TOLD me to call my best friend, who usually calls me before I call her.
Today is March 13, a year exactly since she left our lives. She was 17, so she had a good long life, but she was whiter than you could believe. Not a bit of cream in her.

Stupid Rash!

Hey Killjoys,

ARRRGGHH!!! This stupid rash is annoying me SO MUCH! It's all because of these certain "beads" (if that's what they're called since they are flat as Flat Stanley was) I was wearing on my medical bracelet. It really sucks and feels weird! I'm so used to it being on my left hand.

Anyway, I started itching at my wrist a couple days ago and thought it was a mosquito bite since that's what it looked like at first. Then the underside of my wrist started itching, along with the other side of the wrist. I noticed when I couldn't unclasp the bracelet after my shower.

I had my mom help


Hey Killjoys,

I just wanted to tell you one thing. As most of you should know if you've read my bio I earned my associate's degree this past semester. You'll never believe what came by mail today? MY DIPLOMA!

The doorbell rang and since there was no one there it usually means a package was delivered. I opened the door and looked on the ground. It was an envelope that was addressed to me and kind of stiff that said "DO NOT BEND". It had the college system's logo on it, so we knew it was from the college.

I even told my parents who were wondering what could be delivered that was for me, "Maybe

Wonderful Start to March!

Hey Killjoys!

Just wanted to tell you how fabulous my March started off! It starts this past weekend. I was actually able to go to a different mall than the one nearest me with my friend and her mom! We ate at Wendy's for lunch before heading out and I got some awesome stuff!

2 CDs (like I need anymore, but F.Y.E.

It has felt like ages!

It's felt like ages since I posted on here! Hope all of you are doing okay Killjoys! I celebrated my sister in law's birthday yesterday and had a great time. There was one more winter anomaly after that first big one and there's another cold period coming soon!

The warmer weather has been nice, but I'd rather it feel like winter since it isn't spring yet. It shouldn't start warming up until next month! Only 3 months to go EXACTLY till my friend and I get to see the guys play in our city!

Well, my brother is over finishing up what him and my dad were doing yesterday while my mom, sister in law

The guys better be glad

The guys better be glad they weren't playing any dates in Northeast United States right now. They planned their tour right. They get to miss all the crappy stuff that the millions of people here have to go through-especially the Midwest.

I just thought about that. Way to be in Japan, guys! Be glad!


SNOW'S COMING OVERNIGHT IN HOUSTON, TEXAS EVERYONE! I feel sorry for Dallas- they got some over the past couple days already. But HELLO- it's HOUSTON! I don't give a rat's ass if it's only like two inches- IT'S SNOW!

All you up in the Northeast can complain and suck it up- you're used to it. This is the SOUTH we're talking about! The ones who don't have snowplows because they never get enough snow- or snow period- often enough to need them are GETTING SNOW! Who cares if it's overnight? There's already a small layer of ice on the cars at my house!

We WELCOME the SNOW! Wahoo!