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Concert and Other Activities!

Hey Killjoys,

OMG THE HOUSTON CONCERT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! Apparently, when I made an attempt at filming Summertime, I never stopped the recording. I swear I stopped the video on my iPod Touch, but somehow I got the last hour of the concert! I have NO IDEA how that could have happened!

Anyway, I went to the mall today and noticed that while MCR didn't get as much media attention due to lame Kanye letting his CD out the same day, they sure made up for it in the T-shirt department! I saw at least SIX MCR shirts at the Hot Topic! I bought a MouseKat one!

College Graduation Ceremony was AWESOME!

Hey Killjoys,

My college graduation commencement was Saturday and it was a blast! I counted it even better than my high school graduation! I didn't get as much cash, but with the cash I got, we might renovate one wall of my room! I got $70 worth of Hot Topic gift cards from my friend and her parents, plus my friend gave me 9 packs of my favorite gum: Orbit!

As is tradition, the gowns were black, and I sweated through it while the 300 students who RSVPed that they would walk crossed the stage and took their graduation photos. I had to clean up once I got home.


Hey Killjoys,

Guess what I rediscovered! I found the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65! I haven't heard it since it came out over a decade ago when I was 9-10! Oh, and the version of "The Bad Touch"- A.K.A. Discovery Channel, that they do is a helluva lot better than the original! I don't like the guy's voice in the original.

I just wanted to let y'all know how EXTREMELY ECSTATIC I am that I found it! And it's only 11 DAYS till I see MCR!

Keep running,

-Siren of Destruction

God It's Been Awhile!

I've got a couple things to say:


Glenn Beck SERIOUSLY talked about MCR?

With all this Bin Laden business, I'm listening to one of the songs made after 9/11 in tribute to it. It's one of my favorites and makes me cry just as much as Cancer.

I've gotten WAY into the show Ghost Adventures. It's the most legit ghost show I've seen, with a bonus of the leader being hot...

Well, I must investigate this Glenn Beck business...

Sorry I've Been Away!

Hey Killjoys,

Sorry I've been away. Been distracted on! Anyway, here's a few updates:

-my brother said from the latest appt that their first child appears to be a boy, but they're not sure.
-my sister in law wants to name it Declan- sounds too feminine, but there's still at least five months left to talk about it.
-the doc on Tuesday said I was as good as a person with my medical problems can be.
-I stayed home from the campout since I would be the only one there and not have near as much fun as last time
-painted my Killjoy mask to look a little better :)
-going to the Astros game

Took a Career Assessment- FINALLY!

Hey Killjoys,

I've needed to take a career assessment test for awhile and finally took it! It was an interest finder. It was kind of like the career aptitude test I took in 8th grade, but seven years later. In 8th grade I was best suited for business crap. Back then I said (not in these words exactly- I did not curse then), "There is no way in HELL that I'm going to do any of this business shit!"

Of course those tests don't tell you what you will do- only what you're best suited for. Back then it was business admin and related things. This time- THERE AIN'T NO BUSINESS SHIT!

Screw...Paramore won. In other news...

Hey Killjoys,

Screw- Freaking Paramore overcame us! How I don't know. But at least we voted honestly without any of those automated voting things and Coheed and Cambria don't get to go to the finals again! Thank God above for Disturbed! VOTE GREEN DAY! If ANYTHING, vote for them. They are second choice.

MCR and Green Day have my heart forever and always!

In other news, I made my own Killjoy mask! All I used was a masquerade mask from my jr./sr. choir banquet, Sharpies and some black string that vaguely resembles hemp! Besides, it's more satisfying knowing you made something yourself.


Hey Killjoys,

MCR are in the Final Four of MTV's Musical March Madness! We're losing to of all bands- PARAMORE! PLEASE VOTE! It doesn't matter if you have an account on MTV or not- you can still vote! Every 4 hours you can vote on any electronic device that has Internet on it! PLEASE HELP US TO THE FINAL!

MCR in the Sweet 16 of Musical March Madness!

Hey Killjoys!

MCR is in the Sweet 16 of the Musical March Madness! Keep voting for them until tomorrow night at midnight! And vote A7X and Disturbed! A7X have a slight lead over Coheed! As much as I like Panic! At The Disco, I have to go 30STM. MCR FOR THE ELITE EIGHT!

I'm actually going to pray to God tonight that A7X jumps further ahead! I don't pray to God very much, so it will be kind of awkward :p

So long for now,

-Siren of Destruction

Hehe, I joined!

Hey Killjoys!

As many people already have, I joined everyone else on! It reminds me of Twitter without all the hash signs. I had a Twitter, but it wasn't all that great, so I deactivated it (I did the same with my MySpace). I'll probably be posting all over the boards in General Discussion, and I use the name I use on here, just so it's easier to associate the two.

Oh, a Houston, TX branch of the MCRmy has been submitted.