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Hey everyone,

How is it that an optimistic, positive person can have a fascination for all things violent? I like horror and gory movies, stories with violent events, death and depression, depressing songs. In my creative writing class my last semester which earned me my associate's degree, I wrote nothing but depressing stuff. My professor made a comment on a poem (it was the half with poetry and short stories) I turned in for homework on the fact most of my stuff thus far had been depressing and full of death.

There was a reason for the death since it was that semester that Jonathan had

I Have No Idea Why I Suddenly Want to Blog, But Here I Am. Blogging.

Hello everyone,

For some reason, I want to blog on here seeing as it is one of the only places my family cannot see what I write. I was looking at my Facebook a minute ago and read my middle name. All of a sudden, I feel proud to wear that name. Maybe because the person the name comes from is in the cemetery I was at the other day- John L.

Hence the name "Johnelle"

Maybe it's the fact that when my parents and I went geocaching the other day, there was a puzzle that started in Memorial Oaks Cemetery. First thing I thought of was Jonathan.


Hey everyone,

As the title hints, my presents were mainly related to coffee!

We had to open our gifts Christmas Eve after we got home from my grandparents' house because we aren't morning people and had to go to my brother's house midmorning, which is when we usually open gifts. It was a new experience this year. I got a set of beautiful sterling silver earrings from my aunt and uncle and $25 from my grandparents since my granny can't leave the house for long due to my pawpaw's bad health. I'm starting to wonder how many more Christmases we'll have with him...

I got reindeer pajama pants for


Hey everyone!

Oh, does anyone get gifts from Mrs. Claus? Just wondering because I usually get my movies and video games from her. She rocks.

Guess what? IT'S ONLY TWO DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! Then 6 days later, I watch fireworks, celebrating the start of the New Year! I've wrapped presents for everyone I'm giving gifts to. I exchanged gifts with my best friend and got the 10th Anniversary shirt from her!

I'll go ahead and tell you what I'll be doing with my family.

Got a Tablet!

Hey everyone,

I got a new tablet last night! It's called the Toshiba Thrive. I love it and its keyboard! I can type much easier than I can on my iPod Touch! I wasn't positive I'd like it, but I love it! There are several free apps on the Android market that are on my Touch, so I got them last night! I am in love with it now and will take it everywhere!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah and Happy Holidays,

-Siren of Destruction

Over the Past Month

Hey everyone!

Here's what's happened the past month. Here's a run down of what happened.

As I said in my last blog, I went to Canyon Lake again. It felt much better than this past summer weather wise. I forgot half my stuff to do like my iPod(I use it for an alarm when I'm not at my house), my mouthwash, phone, debit card O.o, house keys, pen for writing in the journal I DID remember, my book that I was going to read. It was all in my purse. My mom asked if I had my meds and I shook my clothing bag so she would hear the pills but didn't notice my purse wasn't in there!
I cried the first hour

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I'm Going Back to Canyon Lake Again!


I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving- for those who celebrate it. I ate with my family on Sunday at my grandparents' with the exception of my brother and his wife who so wonderfully decided to go to Universal and Disneyland in Florida for Thanksgiving. So it's just me and my 'rents today.

In other news, I get to go to the lake tomorrow for another weekend! And this time, it's going to be a little chilly! It's the first time I've gone more than once in the same year! I'm going to spend a little more time outside this time since it won't be so hot.

Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance" is SO AWESOME!!!


I got the last book of the Inheritance Cycle that Christopher Paolini wrote, titled "Inheritance", and IT WAS EPICALLY AMAZING! I read the whole thing in one day! Even with the interventions my dad made me take in order to get a couple of TV shows off of our TiVo, I finished it before midnight! It's ten pages longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- 880! I read that one intensely- even while eating lunch and finished it with five minutes till midnight. I finished this one hours before I completed reading Order of the Phoenix!

Canyon Lake and a Ride Along Cemetery Drive

Hey Killjoys,

-A virtual cookie for those who reacted to me using Cemetery Drive in the title

I went on a long weekend trip to Canyon Lake, Texas. My cousin has a lake house up there that I try to go to every summer. Since it was so blazing hot, I didn't go this summer. I was asked by my grandma if I wanted to go before my nephew's baptism and I said "Sure, as long as Mom is fine with it." She was, so I left last Friday. The only downfall was that my sinuses acted up two days before, so I went there with a slight sore throat and congested nose.

Friday- we drove up there and dropped off some

One Year Ago Today...

Hey Killjoys,

Today marks one year since the greatest tragedy I've known happened. One year ago today, I, my brothers, their friends and his family, lost someone very dear. One year ago today, we lost Jonathan. I can still remember what I wore to school that day. I wore my "The Black Parade Is Dead" shirt and jeans, most likely with either my red or Lobo flip flops (the Lobos were my high school mascot). I lasted through my history class, but when it came to break in between my classes, I had to cry.