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Moderate-Level Exercise Shortens the Time You Are Sick

Hey everyone,

Since I have heard that if you do a moderate-level exercise 5-6 days a week for about 45 minutes, you can get better faster! Since that is what I am, though not severely quite yet, hopefully doing some dancing on my Dance Party 3 mat will help reduce the severity of the cold-like symptoms I will get.

Oh, and when I was weighed at the doctor, I learned I lost 9 pounds (for those who use kg, that is around 5 kg)! I am now 178 pounds!

Here's to getting better sooner,


Is it Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) or A Cold?

Hey everyone,

Here's the deal. My mom got the RSV from my one year old nephew while babysitting the night I went to see Lincoln with my brother and sister in law. It takes about 4 days at the minimum for the virus to show its symptoms, which are cold-like for adults.

I had direct contact with her day before yesterday, and now I've had the start of a itchy throat- though not all the way to sore throat yet. I've already drank a boatload of water and tea. It might be either thing, but I'm hoping it's just a cold and I don't get the horrible cough my mom has.


Hey everyone!

I'm so excited right now. My mom started on a diet a month and a half ago and I participate as far as going on walks and cutting back on how much I eat at meals.

She's on a detailed doctor approved diet, and was told to do at least half an hour of walking every day. That doesn't happen a whole lot because her knee freaks out now and then. My substitute has been a dance mat I've had for a few years.

It only has ten songs on it but they are different speeds and I can easily do a half hour on it and break a major sweat- such as I did this morning.

Who Wants To Be a Dragon Rider?

Hey everyone,

Holy tamales! How in the world am I so addicted to reading the Inheritance saga (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance) and yet not one of the people writing fan fiction over it? I'm reading Eragon right now for probably the umpteenth time since I've owned it! I think that if there are any books I'm NEVER selling, it's these!

I haven't read any of my Harry Potter books since before the last movie came out. I reread the last book so I could look for the differences in the movie.


Hey everyone...

IT'S CHRISTMASTIME! I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. It's kind of bittersweet, like every other holiday this year. This is the first Christmas without my paw paw (what my brothers, cousins and I called our grandfather). But the best Christmas present I'm getting is that all 3 of us children will be together for Christmas for the first time in years! And I'll get to see BOTH nephews and my niece! I am so excited that I get to celebrate the holiest (in my opinion) Christian holiday with BOTH of my brothers again!

I've missed having Christmas together with all of

Room Transformation

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and Thanksgiving! And for those who went out on Black Friday without getting killed, congrats. I stayed home. Well, this isn't what I wanted to talk to you about, so I'll get back on topic.

Okay, here's the deal. Awhile back, my mom proposed the idea of replacing my carpet floors with a floating floor- no underpad required; just cut your length, snap off the excess, and glue it to the previous piece! It took at least a week since my dad had a job and could only do it at night for a couple hours.

OPPA GANGNAM STYLE- With a little Deadmau5...


Everyone by now has probably heard about "Gangnam Style" by the Korean singer Psy. I usually don't teach myself the dance steps to viral videos, but since he is taking a big step for Asian music (by signing to a US label!), I decided, "Why the hell not? They aren't too complicated, so I can do them with little difficulty."

I feel so happy! I can do most of the steps without problems! The back and forth with the hips during "Heeey, sexy lady" is problematic, but I can work on it.

Wow...Three Months...

Hey everyone!

Wow, has it really been three months since I posted anything on here? I need to stop using my iPod Touch so much (hehe, it rhymed!). Anyway, here's a few things that have gone on in the past three months.

I celebrated my twenty third birthday and ate dinner at the burger joint Fuddrucker's, went to Canyon Lake and drove down to New Braunfels and picked up some awesome brand name old mini playing cards and a deck of cards that is supposed to tell a story and some unopened IBM cards-though the box was roughed up, got my nails done at the beauty school there, went to Gruene and

I've Been a Busy Bee...


I've been pretty busy these past four weeks! I've gone to see my grandma and help clear her cousin's attic and sort the trash from what they are going to send to resale and thrift shops and put back in the attic. It's quite fun- considering my other cousin Heather won't even put one finger on a box that has been sitting in an attic for thirty years.

I've also decided to learn how to swim since my mother was so overprotective when I was little and instilled a fear of water in me, though I love it now and have been going to the pool with my friend for the past couple years and am now going

A Busy Last Couple of Months

Hey everyone,

The last couple months have been relatively busy. I've done quite a few things. I finished up with the Prom Dress Giveaway I was a part of and was taken out to lunch the Saturday after it ended at a country club! My brother brought over my nephew a couple times within the past month, so we've been able to have some Declan time. I saw the Avengers the day after it came out and LOVED it!

Mother's Day was awesome and today is my last day spending time with my grandma. We spent two hours this morning in the attic clearing some space to move around.