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I Think I'll Like Following Him On Twitter...Haha!


I'm following Gerard on Twitter and he's absolutely hilarious! Hehe...

Oh-they got the second bombing suspect- and had to take him to the hospital cuz he was badly injured.

Shortest. Post. Ever.

It Feels Weird


I have something to admit. It feels weird that just as Fall Out Boy reunited, MCR split. It also feels weird to me when I think about my records and the DVDs. I was super sad when I read they separated because they had no real problems amongst themselves that would break them up. I've accepted it and now and then lately I think of memories associated with some of their songs.

I even look at my posters and realize they were the band I was most involved with. Sometimes when I sit down I don't know what to do because a lot of my free time had to do with them.

What Did Texas Do Wrong, God? How Did We Anger You?


I want to know....


Please God...WHY IS ALL OF THIS HAPPENING?! What did Texas do wrong? :(

P.S. I don't usually ask God why stuff happens. This is also the first note I've written mostly in ALL CAPS.

My Latest Dr. Appointment


Today was my latest dr. appointment. That also means I was weighed again! And guess what? I lost 2 more pounds! I weigh 171! Since I started measuring my weight loss from 187(which was measured last August or so), I've lost 16 pounds! Hopefully, by the end of August, I'll have lost 20! That was my original goal after all...Then I can work on another 10-20!

Oh, and I am back on Twitter...Let's see how it goes this time...


Anyone Want To Explain The Ins and Outs of Twitter?


As I said last night, I'm thinking about joining Twitter just to follow my favored musicians and other celebs (who are not attention whores, have common sense and actually did something legit to get famous). I joined it briefly before, but I never got the hang of all the @(insert name), hash tags and picture posting.

Anyone want to help me? Bitte (please)?

Danke and guten nacht (Thanks and good night),

P.S. Shortest post ever.

Thankfully None of the Victims From the Stabbing Have Died


About that stabbing I wrote about on Gerard's birthday: none of them have died last I heard, so God is being nice this month. Good camping trip, good weekend and good results so far about the stabbing victims taken to the hospital.

And I've looked at a lot of the Twitter screenshots of some of Gerard's tweets through Tumblr, and some of them are just SO odd...I tried Twitter once but never got the hang of it.

Two Contrasting Events: Gerard's Birthday...And a Stabbing at my College....


Soooo, today was Gerard's 36th birthday. I hope it was nice. I hope he got nice presents. Seriously, how does he NOT age?! He doesn't even look 36! I don't get that...
Meanwhile in Houston, Texas, there was a multiple stabbing at my college.
Lone Star College Cy-Fair experienced a multiple stabbing today. 14 stabbed in the neck and face and 12 were taken to hospitals. 2 were okay enough to forgo treatment. I'm SO glad I no longer go there and that my mom wasn't able to go to her class this morning...What is it with students from the LSC campuses wanting to kill people all of a sudden?

Anyone Ever Thrown Chapstick Into a Burning Campfire?


I seriously mean that question. Anyone done it? My uncle did it at our family camp out Saturday night. First aluminum foil, then Chapstick haha. I went three places last week. First it was the Davis Mtns National Park. Saw Ft. Davis (named after Jefferson Davis himself) and LOVED IT. Went to the McDonald Observatory there as well- I got to move the 108 inch telescope! The University of Texas actually uses it as its official observatory.

Guadalupe Mtn State Park was excellent. I climbed one third of the Guadalupe Peak Trail to the tallest mountain in Texas.

I Actually Feel Better


The other day I was in such shock I cried (which I had never done over a band). I said it would be a little while before it completely sunk in. Well, I did some thinking today and made a decision.

Yes, they disbanded and it felt like I lost part of my family. But then I thought about THEM and how THEY would live after the band. They were asked what they would do if they weren't in the band. They each have their own thing to do and now they can live and exist like normal people.

I understand Gerard's long message better now too. I feel more at peace with it.

Songs I Never Cried To Finally Made Me Cry


I thought I was taking the split relatively well, but I cried to songs I've never cried to before.

Disenchanted and I Don't Love You were two of my favorites. I never cried while listening to them, but I cried to them for the first time yesterday! And why have I not cried to Professional Griefers yet? I have NEVER done that with ANY band I've listened to since I was 11. I think I've relied on them a bit much for my happiness.

I take deaths pretty well, but saying goodbye to these guys is the hardest farewell I've ever had to make.