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Watching "The Black Parade Is Dead!" can assist in writing a college paper!

I was doing an analysis paper the weekend before it was due (because of the procrastinator I am) and I didn't know how to finish the LAST paragraph. I walked back and forth in front of the TV in my room. I can't work without noise, so I was playing "The Black Parade Is Dead!" on the DVD player built into my TV. I paced back and forth, and while "I'm Not Okay" was playing, I got the inspiration I needed to finish it!

How NUTS is that! I aced the MFing paper too! 108/110 points! Proof that this band can ALSO help you finish major papers! YEAH!

First week of my 3rd spring semester of college

Wie geht's? (How are you?) Hooray for a good first week of my third spring semester! I know how to count in German! My age is pronounced "zwanzig", or 20. I already know a few words since they are so similar to English. We got a lot of our words from the German language. I'll take German over Spanish any day!

I love Tai Chi. I get to be barefoot for 80 minutes! It is really cool. The walk you have to do is kind of weird, but neat since I've never done a martial art before. I can't wait till next Tuesday!

My world religion philosophy class is neat.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I hope Bob had a good birthday!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! And I hope Bob had a very good birthday and got nice gifts.

I wanted to post this as close to midnight as possible!


I had a wonderful Christmas this year! I didn't get as many presents from my parents as in past years due to the cruddy economy and my dad still not having a steady flow of work.

I GOT TWO PAIRS OF Converse ALL STAR shoes from my brother! Black and passion purple! That's what I wanted most- along with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (which I ALSO got from my brother)! I got new headphones that have dual purposes- stereo and computer!

PASSED THE SEMESTER! The next semester...


Next semester is going to be a bitch though. Since my day will start at 11:30, that means I'll have to eat lunch early since all but one of my 3 classes are at least 1.5 hrs long and there's no way I'm eating at 1. I go all the way till 5 pm since my last class, Beginning German, is 2.5 hrs long. 6 hr school day, here I come.

Although why should I complain? That's just an hour short of how long the public schools go (except they start at 7:30). It will have been 3 years since I've done that though, so it will take getting used to AGAIN.



Mmm...Apple Pie, Pumpkin Cupcakes and A Happy Thanksgiving To You All!

My sister in laws' apple pie and pumpkin cupcakes! They are to die for! She makes the pie with 3 types of apples, although I can only remember 2. And you can still put whipped cream on the cupcakes- just not as much as pie.

Wish my second eldest brother could eat some of the pie- he LOVES apple pie. But he can't due to the fact that he's overseas in Germany, serving his second term in the military.

Heaven Help Me

Heaven help me- I have a world history paper due Tuesday, and I'm half done with it, but I don't want to finish it! I'm hanging out with my brother tonight, eating Thanksgiving dinner with my paternal grandparents on Sunday, so that only leaves late Sunday and Monday! Someone please help me... There's two weeks of lectures left...AHHH!

Class was CANCELED!!!!!
YES! My World History I class was CANCELED! That's the only way I would be on here. Well, at least until Dec 3- the week before my finals. That's my last lecture day. This is in the cafe of my college, so that's why I'm on here. My class was supposed to start right about now, so why not celebrate it! Everyone college student (except the really geeky smart ass know- it- alls) loves it when class is canceled! Gives them more time to do something they forgot to do! Procrastinator....and proud!
this week's episode of Castle
I watched this week's episode of Castle with my parents the other night. We have TiVo, which is DVR before Comcast came up with their DVR. It was a wonderful episode, and here's the whole reason I'm posting this: the title of the episode was "Famous Last Words"! I told my parents "That's the name of a really awesome song I know!" We watched it and it lived up to its title. It didn't actually play the song, but a celebrity was involved. Once it was done, I went back to my room and started playing "Famous Last Words". Talk about irony. Oh, and it's playing right now coincidentally!