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I am writing in this blog more than my MySpace. I don't have as many posts yet, but it's on the way. Anyway, I have great news!

Back in February and March, I knew I wanted to go to Canyon Lake this summer if I could. I knew I would have to speak up soon, so in late April/ early May, I contacted my Auntie Billye (my grandma's cousin- but that's the name my brothers and I always called her) and told her I wanted to come. I told my mom as well since it would be stupid not to.

We talked online and I told her which week would be best for me.

New Look!

I have a whole new look now! Not as far as clothes go, even though I do have a few new ones, but I have a whole different way to do my hair!

I told my friend Bonnie early in the spring semester that I needed to get my hair cut because the half of my hair that still had highlights was getting stringy and breaking off. So, I finally got to go on Wednesday to get it cut.

I told them I wanted the bottom of my hair chopped off and cut above my shoulders. They gave me a couple books with short hair looks and within two minutes, I knew what I wanted! Fastest choice ever!

When the lady was done


Ok, as you can tell, I got two A's for my final grade this semester. Let me tell how that came about.

Tai Chi was basically a given. Participate in class, come to class, turn in our journals and do good on the demo and written test and you got it made- and I did. Easy A. Pretty much a given.

First off, the last time we got to look at our grades in my philosophy class, I had an 82. Our professor told us he would take off our lowest exam grade.

The End of Deutsch 1411

Well everyone, this was the last official day of Deutsch class. We took our final exam today, but before that, we took a class picture. The reason we took pictures is because a girl named Nicole is going back to Brazil and wanted something to take back.

The first is us with the teacher with Nicole taking the picture. I'm in the red. The next one is with Nicole. As long as I have these photos, I won't forget how fun this semester was. I think I will take my camera to Tai Chi on Thursday to take a class picture before the exam and one with Bonnie, a girl I befriended.

Anyway, so long

I think I can add something else to the reputation of the band

Like I said in a previous post, The Black Parade Is Dead! helped me ace a major essay. This time, for my Summary Reports, I played music from the band at times while typing them. For the past 3 essays: Christianity ( which was a MFer of a paper to do-80 pg long chapter!), Judaism, and Buddhism, I have gotten 98s!

I can now definitively say that they also help college students (indirectly of course) pass their classes! Woot! Now for the last one- ISLAM.

The Umbrella Academy took THIS LONG to get to my library!

The Apocalypse Suite came out- what- 3 years ago? I've wanted to read it for FOREVER, and I JUST found out it was at the library at the college I go to (it's also a public county library)! My best friend told me the other day that it was there and it just HAPPENED to be checked in at the manga and graphic novel section!

She knew just how BAD I wanted to read it, so she gave it to me before the beginning of my classes this morning and got through 3 of the 7 chapters before my test on Christianity.

Signed up for the Fall 2010 semester!

Well, I'm back again. I seem to be writing on here more often than my MySpace nowadays! It's so ironic. Anyway, that's not the subject of this post: it's about the classes I signed up to take in the fall. They are: American Music which goes through all genres (and will most likely include the Beatles, Bob Marley, and some other well known rockers! Which is why I'm taking it.) of music. That is a MW class in the afternoon.

Next is Creative Writing I. I decided on that since I love writing so much. Also since English is my best subject and I seem to ace every paper I turn in.

My last one is

Rainy Camping Weekend!

Went camping this weekend! I had an absolute blast! I haven't been camping since my brothers were in Boy Scouts- and that was more than a DECADE ago! We went to Lake Somerville (yes, that's how you spell it) and it rained on and off after we got there- until last night.

Probably at around 10:30 or so, it started raining again after an almost completely dry day with some actual sun. It only pitter-pattered the other times, but it started pouring about five minutes after it began. I had to brush my teeth yet, so I had to run down to the bathrooms with a flashlight.

I went straight to my tent

Videos I haven't seen in years

Today was the Britney Spears Takeover on FUSE. I saw videos I haven't seen in YEARS. Reminded me of how much I liked her when I was ten and eleven when she first broke out. I haven't sold my 3 Britney CDs though- I probably should since the only songs that I like from her now is Womanizer and one other I can't think of the name.

Talk about childhood flashback...

Spring Break- Bad to Worse. Following week- Not as bad.

Hey everyone,

I tried posting this a few days ago, but it wouldn't agree with me. My Spring Break didn't start off so well. We were eating lunch and my mom brought our white as snow cat Anna Molly into our living room and put her on the sofa. They had to make the decision on whether to put her down or not because she couldn't move after going to the bathroom in my parents' room. They decided to do it. T_T

They called the vet down the road for a time to go and they said 2 p.m. We just kept petting her until then. Then at about a quarter till, Mom told me to say good bye.