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First Week and Tropical Storm Hermine

First week of my LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE FOR MY ASSOCIATE'S was AWESOME! Creative Writing is going to be a bit tricky, but it should be fun. My TX History teacher only has two exams: midterm and final, but does 2 book exams and we have to do one class presentation. American Music is pretty simple and straightforward. All are discussion-oriented, so it will be nice, but still got reading to do for homework.

Now, how about Tropical Storm Hermine popping up out of nowhere Sunday night? Us Texans needed the rain SO BAD. There was 2.75 throughout all of Monday and into the night.

First Day of American Music

Hey everyone! How's it going? School has begun again and my first day of class yesterday was awesome! I am really going to enjoy American Music! My prof is easy going and jovial and very friendly.

It's discussion-oriented, so there's no major paper writing- just jotting down notes and things to discuss in class or groups when we break into them. For once I have a class that DOESN'T require a major paper! We won't get to the 90s most likely, but we will talk about Woodstock!

It's going to be awesome, and since my next class today doesn't start for another hour and a half, I'm going to take a

A Great Summer!

Hey people!

This has been a great summer! I got to go to Canyon Lake, see my niece and nephew (I miss them again!), and got to go to Galveston to break in my new swimsuit all before school starts! And it starts tomorrow!

I go to my American Music class tomorrow, and some really famous people are in my textbook like Iron Maiden, Journey, Metallica and Led Zeppelin! Even Anthrax, Coldplay and Oasis are in it! I'll actually have a reason to look forward to Mondays now!

It's also my last semester of college before I get my associate's!

My brother and his family are almost here!

My brother, sister in law, niece and nephew are almost here! Their first plane from Frankfurt landed in North Carolina last night and they will be here tonight! I'm so excited! We'll get to celebrate my nephew's first birthday while they're here!

It will be so good to see them all! Even though my brother came down in March for one of his friends, it's all four of them this time! They've had a horrible time trying to get a flight, and they'd dead tired, but it is just plain awesome! I can't wait to see them!

Leaving for Canyon Lake the Day After Tomorrow!

Hey! I'm so psyched about the day after tomorrow! I finally get to go to Canyon Lake! I'm just about packed- all I need is my toothbrush, toothpaste and other related things, pack my last set of pajamas and outfit, photos for scrapbooking, my meds and my straightening iron. The only things I have to do tomorrow is go to my last clinic meeting for the 6 month medical trial I've been doing, return the medicine to them, exchange a shirt I bought and double check that I have everything I need.

I'll be gone for six days, so I won't be seeing anyone until the 27th.

Summer Finals Day!

Finals day! I did great on my art history final. Even if I end up failing the test, I'll still pass. I'm confident of that. I had a great time. I didn't think art history would end up being as fun and easy as it was- which is almost the exact opposite of what I felt about biology.

Biology for non-majors. It's supposed to be simpler than it was! It was tenth grade biology- and I loved biology in tenth grade. What I can't see is how I sucked so bad this summer session! I failed almost every one of my tests, but the labs were always fun.

Summer Finals!

Hey! How's everyone's summer going?

My summer school is almost over! Today was the last class day! Tomorrow I take my finals! I really need to do good on my biology final because I've really sucked in that class this summer. Art history will be a piece of cake. I'll probably end up with an A or B in it. If I get a C in biology it will be a miracle. And to think I was a wiz in biology in high school...That just shows what five years can do...

I did a study session with some of my classmates today and we're doing another one tomorrow morning at 10, which is perfect since my art history class

My Awesome Birthday Gift!

Hey! I got a really awesome gift for my birthday yesterday! It's called nook and Barnes & Noble sells it. Mom got it for me so I won't use up my iPod battery so much. So far I've read the intro to a book and played Sudoku on it. I have a feeling I am going to love it.

I also got 41$ & a 50$ gift card to Barnes & Noble and a 21$ one to Wal-Mart. I had an an awesome 21st birthday.

Art History Meets MCR

I couldn't wait until I got home from school to write about this. After all, I'm forced to stay up here since my parents can't pick me up due to my mother taking the cat to the vet for his checkup after he got teeth pulled last week.

I was in art history yesterday and my professor mentioned an activity where we create a tomb for someone using three of the different art styles. When he announced that, one thought popped in my head: "Gerard would be a great person for this!"

We started it today and we had to include characteristics from three styles.

First Biology Test of the Summer Semester

Took my first summer biology test today. First part was 80 questions- a bit much in my opinion, but hey, it's six weeks long. They have to squeeze a lot of info in. I got to about question 58 and my brain said, "Make it stop! I don't want to test any longer today!"

I eventually finished that part. I then did the 20 question lab exam. Basically true/false questions about lab safety and list eight steps in the scientific method. I think I'm one of the few that remembered all 8 steps. Then we had to wait outside for the others to finish. That took about 40 minutes.

Then we did our lab.