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Halfway Through my Last Semester!

Hey everyone!

I know I'm supposed to be in class, but my teacher didn't show. This is the end of the eighth week- the halfway point in the semester! It's gone so fast! Maybe that's cuz it's been so easy. I only had one official midterm- history, and that was pretty straightforward.

He gave us four essays to look at before the test so we could know how to answer all of them- no matter which two we would get. I knew the last 3 the best, but I got 1 and 2. 1 I didn't know as much since I lost the page of notes that said everything about LaSalle's expeditions.

On my Way to My Dr.'s Appointment

Hey everyone!

Today was a great day. Did my usual morning routine but left earlier since I had a dr.'s appointment at 12:30. We took the usual route into town and even though it's only been a week, I forgot where the funeral home the service for Jonathan was held. I looked over on the right side of the highway and saw its name out front- Memorial Oaks Funeral Home.

I was in the car and when I saw it I immediately went back to the Saturday before last and almost cried. It still hurts. I'm lucky I didn't cry or else I'd be explaining why to my doctor.

Cream Puffs in the Fridge and Music Class

I know it's a strange title, but I'm about to explain it. As the title says, there are some cream puffs in the fridge (YUM). Back in August, there was a farewell dinner for my brother and sister in law since they had been down from Germany. I was playing UNO with her and my other sister in law while we were munching on the cream puffs.

Jonathan asked, "Are those sugar free?" He had a specific type of Type 1 diabetes (among other things). They weren't, so we obviously said no. When I saw them in the fridge and ate one or two of them, they reminded me of him. That's the meaning of the title.

The Funeral

Hey everyone.

Remember my post on Tuesday morning? Well, the funeral for Jonathan was this morning and I couldn't stop crying. The service was heart wrenching and I barely made it through. Thankfully I did. I did openly cry on my eldest brother for a few minutes outside while everyone was filing out before the pallbearers, which included my second eldest brother- one of Jon's best friends, brought his casket out to the hearse.

We drove out to the site and stood around the canopy where Jonathan would rest for eternity.

Epic concert at school!

Hey everyone!

Despite the horrible news from yesterday morning, I went to an epic concert- at school! I'm not sure how many have heard of Versecity, but that's who was playing, and for my first time hearing them, they're AMAZING! I totally forgot I was there to fulfill a grade for my music class! I think my one page essay is going to be all about how I had an absolutely rockin' time- even though it was in the parking lot with no shade whatsoever.

They even played a few songs everyone would know! If they come back in the near future, I'd love to go!

Just got the news

Hey everyone.

Well, it's 7:15 A.M. where I'm at and we got a call at like 5:30 this morning from one of my sister in law's friends. One of my brother's best friends Jonathan finally died this weekend.

I know I'm not as close with him as my brother, but still- he was the groomsman I was partnered with at my brother's wedding. He's been on dialysis for awhile cuz he had diabetes. I already lost a friend of mine last month- now Jonathan?

I'm wearing my "The Black Parade Is Dead" shirt for an actual reason today...

Time for Another Post!

Hey everyone!

It's me again. It's the sixth (or seventh) week of my final semester and things are going great!

My creative writing teacher was out for three class days because her husband came down with acute leukemia. She felt an obligation to tell us since it was so serious. If it wasn't as serious, she wouldn't have said anything. I'm totally going to B.S. my community log. There's NO WAY I can get an hour each week with 5 minute videos on book publishing companies' websites.

History is a blast. My teacher is so hilarious and he explains everything as we would say it today.

Another September 11

Hey everyone. Another September 11 has passed- 9 years after the horrific event. I bet no one has forgotten where they were that horrible morning and when they heard about it or saw it on the TV.

I still remember sitting in my 7th pd. speech class when the principal of my middle school announced the Towers and World Trade Center had been attacked that morning. I was in the fall semester of my 7th grade year. I'm still pissed they didn't tell us earlier. It doesn't take that long for news from NY to get to Texas.

My mom picked me up after 8th pd.

The Anberlin Performance!!!!!!

OMHFG IT WAS SPECTACULAR! I GOT MY CD SIGNED! And my friend's mom got the poster that came with the CD when you bought it signed for me! My friend was a sour puss cuz she couldn't get hers signed since it was a 1 item limit.

She wanted hers signed for her friend Garrett, but her mom said the bigger fan (me) was the one getting the signed poster. She started whining about it, so her mom asked who was a bigger fan to end it.

I'm SO framing the poster! Stephen actually shook everyone's hand when he signed peoples' things! Such a nice guy!


Hey you people of the oh so awesome MCRmy!
Some of you may know Anberlin's new album came out on the 7th. Even if you don't, you'll think this is awesome.

There was an ad on Facebook that they were having a free concert at Cactus Records in Houston, Texas. I "Liked" their page, so the ad showed up. They're signing, taking photos, all that jazz, and I'M GOING! I actually get to have my New Surrender CD signed! It's tonight, and I'm being picked up by my friend and her dad after her class ends at 2:20!

She has a friend who loves Anberlin and didn't know about it till she told him and he was