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November Has Been So Good To Me!

Hey Killjoys,

This November has been so good to me! Since I like making lists, I'll list the reasons off!

1. (the most obvious good news) Danger Days finally came out! Two years of waiting (although somewhat impatiently the last six months) has paid off! Another album that I was able to buy on its release date! Also since there's a sale at Best Buy before Thanksgiving, it was on sale- so I got it $5 cheaper! Ah, the wonderful things about releasing albums around holidays...

2. My second workshop piece for my writing class got better reception than my first!

Gonna have to work all morning...

Hey all you Killjoys!

I B.S.ed my Community Log, and I'm working on my daybook right now, which means I'll have to work my ass of to finish the third part of my grade: the one page journals. I have two done and I'm almost done with my third, but I still got two to do! I'll have to really work on them tomorrow morning!

B.S.ed my Community Log!

Hey everyone!

It was incredibly easier to B.S. my community log for creative writing this time! I just found a site with a lot of different writing prompts on it, chose five (one for each week since the last check) and answered them, putting the relevance below on how each relates to creative writing. I did it all in one night too! Yay for schoolwork!

I have three more journals to do, but everything else is pretty much smooth sailing! Three weeks left in the semester- I can't WAIT to finish and see that I passed all three classes, therefore graduating and earning my associate's!


Hey everyone!

Today was EPIC! I'll give you two reasons why:

1. I was able to get up and stay up in order to get my pair of tickets from the pre-sale! I basically turned my computer on at 8 and slept for about another hour before getting back up and turning on an atomic clock so I knew when the real 10:00 AM Central Time was and as soon as it turned to 10:00, I bought my tickets! I have two seats SUPER CLOSE to the stage, although not front or second row- sixth row. I really don't mind it being sixth row cuz it's the closest I've been in an audience for a rock concert!

Feeling Unusually Tired...:/

Hey everyone,

I'm unusually tired tonight. I don't know why. I got up at 7 like I usually do for my Tuesday/Thursday classes and made it halfway through history (9:20 thereabouts) when I started to doze. I finally had to go splash some water on my face.

After my class ended, I checked the site to see if the code was up (which it wasn't) and then went to nap for an hour. I slept successfully and checked the mirror to see if my hair was messed up. I then made my way to creative writing. I was able to make it through without yawning or dozing.

I actually had to stay at the school since I was

This Semester Has Gone FASTER THAN ANYTHING!

Hey everyone!

I can't believe how fast this semester has gone! Three and a half months have gone by and it's already almost time for Thanksgiving! I can't believe how much of it is gone! Only four more weeks and I'll be finished- hopefully finishing my associate's! I still got a few things to do though.

For my Creative Writing I:
-Type up four/five journal entries
-Turn in about 3 or 4 more homework pieces
-B.S. my community writing log
-Finish and turn in my portfolio once I get my last homework back

Texas History:
-Answer questions on my take home book exam
-Take the final exam


Enchanted Rock Campout!

Hey Everyone,

Due to my unrelenting boredom, I shall tell you the main points about my campout at Enchanted Rock. I had a blast! It was so much fun climbing/hiking the Rock and freezing my ass off in a tent with overnight temperatures never reaching 40!

Oh, and it had said that the lows would be in the 30s overnight, but FUCK THE WEATHERMEN/WOMEN! On Thursday night, it was supposed to be 32- it was 22 DEGREES! Friday night was supposed to be 34- it turned out to be 25-27! It wasn't till Saturday night that it was in the low 30s. At least it was a decent temperature during the day.




I'M SO FKNG BORRRREEEDDDD!!!!! FK my 1.5 hrs of empty wasted time in between my two classes! It SUUUCCCKKKKSSSS ROYALLLLLYYYYY!!!!!!! Why the FK couldn't my writing class be at 10:15 (or something) instead of FKNG 11:30!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Urgggghhhh....I feel a little better now....but not a lot.

Leaving for Enchanted Rock Tomorrow!

Hey! I am so psyched about tomorrow! After my 'rents pick me up from school we're hitting the road for Enchanted Rock, TX! I haven't been there since I was little! That's why I'm so excited! We're even going to hike the Rock! It's going to be chilly during the nights and first part of the day, so it's layer time for the next couple days!

Anyway, I'll be back on Sunday night. I'll tell you all about it!

Got my Hair Cut Short Again and Saw Jonathan's Obit from the Paper

Hey everyone!

I got happy and sad today. I'll start with the sad. At my aunt's house, my granny came and brought some stuff for my aunt and a couple things from the paper she thought we might like to see. She had cut out the obituary about Jonathan from the newspaper. My parents had seen it online, but my granny cut it out for us. I looked at it and felt like crying again, but willed myself not to. It said he had "friends all over the world", which was absolutely true. We talked about him a little bit with my aunt and uncle, but it was about what he did and everything positive.

The happy news