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Sorry I Haven't Been On

Hey Killjoys,

I apologize for not being on. I was spending a couple days with my grandma, 5 dogs and 2 cats. She's cat-and dog-sitting my cousin's pets while they are in Telluride for their Christmas holiday. I had the computer, but I only got on Facebook and FicWad! That and we visited a friend of hers who I've known since I was little and finished two jigsaw puzzles.

Other reasons:
-Christmas shopping
-Dentist appointment
-half Christmas,half congrats for graduating party at Mahjongg last Friday- I GOT $85 -from the Mahjongg people!
-Christmas with my neighbor
-baking Christmas food


Hey Killjoys,

I AM NOW FREE! No more finals to take, no more classes! Well, at least at my current college! I can concentrate on the rest of my research for what I need to get into the program to the 4 year college I want to get my bachelor's at! I'd only have to do 2 years at it anyway since my associate's counts for 2 of the 4 years!

Anyway, I just wanted to say AND do it loud and MAKE SOME NOISE!

Stay alive,
-Siren of Destruction

You Know What Makes Me Laugh?

Hey Killjoys,

I know I posted this like RIGHT AFTER the one before, but this was on my mind. Everyone knows about Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars, right? Right. Well, every time my friend uses his AND Gerard's name in the same paragraph, she always screws it up at least once EVERY TIME!

She was talking about Gerard's colorful look in the Na Na Na video and said something like, "Jared looked SO COOL in the "Na Na Na", before I stop her and say "You said the wrong name again!"

We always laugh about it. She never takes it personally, because we know how close the annunciation is.


Hey Killjoys!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the LAST WEEK OF THE SEMESTER! My music teacher might just tell us that we don't have to stay, but I don't know. Last Monday he let us off of our Wednesday class, but I'm not sure whether he meant tomorrow as well.

Tuesday is going to be half-serious, half-fun! I'm taking my history final- which thankfully DOESN'T have an essay! It just has key terms on it, which I am going to look over tomorrow. I know I'll do just fine! I'm going to pass ALL my classes! I KNOW IT!

The fun part of Tuesday is that in my writing class, we're having our own little

Stuck at the School

Hey Killjoys,

Siren of Destruction comin' atcha from college on the last day of lectures! I just happened to be stuck at the school this afternoon. My parents are going to this stupid little genealogy class that lasts until 4. My class gets out at ten till 1! Stuck up here for three hours!

Good news is my best friend is going to stay after her 1 o'clock class gets out at 2:20 to hang with me to prevent boredom. Well, I got stuff I want to do before I go to my writing class, so I'll catch ya later!

Stay alive,
Siren of Destruction

First Christmas Without Jonathan

Hey Killjoys,

Siren of Destruction here. I was in the car on the way to class today when I heard a really touching Christmas song. It wasn't one of the classic and traditional songs that have been around since the days of old.

I was wearing my sunglasses since the sun was shining and as I listened to it, it reminded me of Jonathan. It was about a dying mother, but one of the lines described Jonathan perfectly "sick for quite awhile". Every time the chorus came around, I felt tears threatening to come behind my eyes. Thankfully I didn't.

As I was walking out of my music class (which I don't

My Book Exam and a Sobering Fact

Hey Killjoys,

That book exam I was supposed to have done before today- I didn't finish before today. I dreaded having to read so much just to get one or two quotes to prove my observations and opinions. I finished it this afternoon and emailed it off to my teacher!

All in all it's a very good book. It's called "Isaac's Storm" and it's about Isaac Cline, the meteorologist in charge at the Galveston branch at the time of the 1900 Storm and the effects his decision brought about.

Another Strange Second Breakfast and Not Caring About My Community Log

Hey there Killjoys,

Coming atcha from the college cafeteria again. I'm eating another one of those strange breakfasts that consists of a Milky Way bar, an iced chocolate Sara Lee brownie, and a vitaminwater-Fruit Punch flavor.

Just talked Jesse Jones and the KKK in history. Can't wait to get my journals, daybook and community log back. I probably failed the community log part, but I don't really care at this point since there's only 2 WEEKS LEFT! I have checkmarks on all my homeworks and a 90 on my last journal/daybook and community log check.

Well, I'm on to listening to my online playlist,

Black Friday & Who Thinks the U.S. National Anthem on Danger Days is Weird?

Hello Killjoys,

Black Friday was definitely black for me. I didn't go shopping like all the crazy bargain and doorbuster hunters- I SLEPT IN. In my opinion it's the SMART thing to do. I'll do Christmas shopping later. Our Wal Mart was a madhouse before the Black Friday sales ever STARTED! My parents went at 11:30- ALREADY A MADHOUSE! And I hope those people that camped outside the door of our Best Buy knew it would be lower than 40 last night!

Here's a tip for all you Black Friday shoppers:

TAKE SOMEONE ELSE WITH YOU. They can stand in line while YOU can go look for MORE STUFF!

Thanksgiving Day Football Games Are the ONLY ones Worth Watching!

Hope all you Killjoys (who celebrate Thanksgiving) ate a lot of turkey and stuffing!

I'm just here to say...THANKSGIVING FOOTBALL IS THE ONLY FOOTBALL WORTH WATCHING! Texas A&M vs Texas was on college football tonight. They've played on Thanksgiving quite a lot. They've done it for a few years lately, but for many years they stopped doing it. Oh- and no offense to any Longhorn fans but...WAY TO GO AGGIES! GIG 'EM!

Oh, and the New Orleans Saints beat the Cowboys!
Well, I'm quite tired- and it's not because of the turkey. I shall say farewell until I have something else to say.

Stay alive