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How has everyone's January been?

Hey Killjoys!

How has everyone's January been? Good? That's awesome. Mine's been in the okay range. Done some stuff I'd typically do. I got some awesome stuff to tell ya about what's gonna happen in the South this week!

Texas is gonna FREEZE THEIR ASSES OFF! First comes the rain, which MIGHT produce hail. That happens tomorrow, along with a 30 DEGREE DIP in temperature! Wednesday- WINDY and the high will only be in the low 40s, with the low in the low TWENTIES! That happens the next two nights!


Well, I'm going to go grocery shopping soon, so I'll see


Hey Killjoys!

That story has kept me busy! I'm REALLY into it! I can't stop writing! Oh, and to make the day good and bad, a couple things happened while I was playing Mahjongg at the college.

I was playing a game and I started getting horrible cramps! I tried to suck it up and just wait it out, because they only do that for a couple of hours after they start. That didn't work. I finally had to go over to my mom and ask for an Advil.

It started working in about ten to fifteen minutes, and it took the edge off of the EXTREME level.

Sorry I Ain't Been On!

Sorry I haven't been on! I've been writing a story! I didn't want to just leave the idea alone and forget it, so I wrote what came into my head, which turned out to be about 20 pages, minus the handwritten part, which will probably add on about four more pages. I have an outstanding 30 something page one, so I apologize for not being on.

That and I love my iPod Touch to leave it completely alone for a whole day. One of these days, technology will kill us all...

Oh, and using my iTunes card to buy a couple of P!nk songs (not what I usually listen to, but I like a couple of her songs) and one


Hey Killjoys!

My Internet's back! I'm so happy cuz that means I can play my games that require Internet! I can't believe how tough it was sharing with my mom! Oh, and I'm listening to Demolition Lovers for the first time in ages- well, the whole Bullets album really. It feels so good to hear it again. It's my first favorite overall, though it has been moved to 2nd due to Danger Days. Well, I shall say good night again.

Off to read awesome Killjoy stories,

-Siren of Destruction


Hey Killjoys,

Hope everyone (including those in Brazil affected by the floods) are doing okay tonight. I am STILL without Internet! The people sent the email saying it got shipped last night, and it will take 3-5 days to get here! It SUCKS with no Internet in my room! Maybe tomorrow when I'm at the college for Mahjongg my mom will let me stay after for awhile to get on the Internet there so I can play a few of my iTouch Apps that require Internet connections!

Oh, and it's been REALLY COLD here in Texas the past couple days which has made it FEEL like winter finally!


Hey Killjoys,

We got Comcast and the Internet guy came on Sunday, but my mom's computer (the one I'm on) is the ONLY one with Internet right now! We're waiting for another router to come to get Internet back on mine and my dad's computer so we don't have to share! The past two or three days I have had to come out here to do my stuff. I cannot wait till I get Internet back on my computer so I can bookmark web pages again!

I have to do private browsing, which doesn't keep a browsing history. My mom was going to restrict where I go otherwise, so I chose private browsing.

Cable is FINALLY in my room!

Hey Killjoys!

I FINALLY have cable in my room! We switched back to Comcast and were doubtful on if we could get a cable to my room, but it works! I get channels I didn't get since I was only able to get the local channels (a.k.a. basic cable)! I can't do anything fancy since I don't have a box, but I get the channels we watch most so if I catch a show when it is actually playing while recording, I'm all set.

This was a good day.

-Siren of Destruction

Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Rolling Stone

Hey Killjoys!

Everyone cheer for the rain Texas has needed has finally been here! There was a 20% chance yesterday, but due to it being so low a chance, it didn't come. It came at around 9 A.M. this morning though! I love the thunder and lightning. They are two of the most fascinating things about weather to me (underneath natural disasters). It's still thundering, and we got another inch of rain like we did last week! As good as 2 inches this close together is, we need a little more!

Oh, about the Rolling Stone magazine I got today.

Lots of Internet Bookmarks and No iPod Playing Tonight

Hey Killjoys!

I had a HUGE list of bookmarks under the Bookmarks tab on my web browser for the LONGEST time. It's been getting longer as the days pass, so after about two years of letting it run wild, I decided to tame it! I went to the Bookmarks tab and clicked on Organize Bookmarks.

I had a lot of fanfictions and several sites I bookmarked having to do with the ever amazing MCR, so I made three folders.

-MCR Stuff
-FanWorks & other FanFics

I had to drag some of the fanfics up the list in order to get them in the folders, but I got it done.

I Been Playing With My Christmas Presents!

Hey Killjoys,

I have a bigger reason I haven't been on this time. I was playing with my Christmas presents! I got an iPod Touch! So if I'm away longer than this, that's probably why. Later!

-Siren of Destruction