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Weight News From The Past Week


I have some more stuff to tell you. Here's the first: I haven't jogged a step since I was probably 13. I'm teaching myself to jog again by jogging in place in my room and backyard (there are a few nutters in my neighborhood). That is the first item. I jog at a snail's pace, but having a playlist to jog to helps though.

The second item is: I'm focusing on losing my belly fat. That issue is being handled by the item above and I started an exercise Jillian Michaels is putting in her most recent tape yesterday.

I Apologize If I'm Making People Feel Bad


If my goings on about my weight loss is making anyone feel bad, I apologize. I've just wanted to lose weight since high school (probably even Jr high) and never had the right motivation and now I do.

If any of you are trying and it's slow going, don't worry. If Gerard and Patrick Stump can do it, so can you!

If You Don't Have a Weight Scale...


I found a rough solution to the problem "I don't have a weigh scale and want to know how much I've lost!" Take a belt you have and think of how many loops you used before and after you lost weight. Then, without pulling your belt through the loops on your pants, wrap the belt around your waist to the loop you used before weight loss. Then, pull the loose part of the belt away from one side of your waist.

That is how much weight you've lost. It won't give you how much belly fat you've lost or the # of lbs, but it is a rough estimate of how much you trimmed off your waist.

Before and After Photos...


Today I looked on Facebook for a decent photo of my mom and I before we started losing weight. I had to go all the way back to my high school graduation. My mom looks SO MUCH better! I went to one when I was in Germany four years ago or our camping trip to Enchanted Rock in November 2010 for a decent shot.

I have no doubt I can lose the last few pounds of my first goal- 20 lbs- by August. Then I'll start on the next ten...which will be my belly fat.

167, I've almost reached you. 157, you're next on the list. Belly fat, you are going DOWN one way or another!

Size 12


I never thought I'd fit in a size 12 jean or short ever again. The last time I wore anything in a size 12 was probably early middle school. Ever since it just went up to 14 to 16 and at one point- 18. I feel so happy with myself for just finally getting out of a 16 if I don't lose a pound more I can be happy.

Now I am getting distracted by the Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth movie 21.

Keep calm,

Blonde Moment Fixed


I had a blonde moment when I was syncing my iPod last week. It asked me a typical question and I couldn't figure out exactly what it mean so I opted to do the action. It ended up deleting all the songs I had put on there ages ago by a method other than purchasing or using CDs...

I was so pissed at myself. I finally decided to reinstall the program I used which is now totally trusted and legal and was able to put most of them (I'm adding some new ones like Locked Out of Heaven) back. I still have a few to go, but I'll be good for now.

Blonde moment fixed!

The MarkerFor My PawPaw's Grave


Right before her birthday last week is when my granny got a letter saying they were done making the marker for my paw paw's resting place. So hopefully the next time we go, it will be there.

The day we went to see him in February (the anniversary) Mom and I were in the car on the way to Mahjongg when I asked what she would want on hers and she said "My whole name. Not just Melanie S. My middle name too." I told her, "I'll try to remember and help the boys (my brothers) remember that's what you want if you go first."

I even asked her if she would go to her father's funeral and she said

Life On The Murder Scene and Mahjongg


Yesterday it rained all afternoon and evening. We ended up with four inches. During the afternoon, I watched Life On The Murder Scene for the first time in probably 3-4 years. It's been so long I forgot there was a screw up in the disc at the part about Howard Benson and had to go back to the menu and select the next chapter.

Note to self: Buy new copy of LOTMS.

On another note, some of you may have noticed I have written about playing Mahjongg on Fridays with the age 50+ ladies during the school year, stepping in when some of them can't be there since my mom is part of the group.

I Made a New Friend Today :)


I don't know if it was me deciding to wear one of my more recent MCR shirts or shorts or something else, but I made a new friend today! His name is Joshua and he's three years younger than me. I met him today at Mahjongg because he was observing to see how the game is played.

I gave him my email and cell so we can chit chat. That's pretty much all, though I did go dewberry picking behind my uncle and aunt's neighborhood. There's a huge ditch and they grow all along there. My dad saw a garden snake- and we saw a bunny rabbit! It was hopping away because the snake hissed at it.

Sometimes I Wish That...


I have a couple things to say. I was doing a couple of chores the other day and cried to Kids From Yesterday. I stare at my 3 posters for a couple minutes every day (not that I can ignore them- they greet me when I wake up every morning). Sometimes within this past month I've wished that they hadn't affected me so much. Then it wouldn't be so hard to say "Oh, well if it didn't feel natural anymore, that's cool" and be done with it. It would not have been so hard to say good bye.

No band has actually affected my life in anyway until these guys- not even Green Day, which was the "you can't