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your opinion please

So I listen to alot of peoples music besides MCR.
And i was wondering if you guys know anymore bands out there.
Literally anything you might think thatll make my playlist better.
Ive been listening to the same songs and i feel like im in a time loop.

Im not betraying MCR. Fuck i cant let go of them even if i wanted to.

Anything from Hollywood Undead to Mika to AFI to Aerosmith to Example to Snow Patrol.

Anything in between those genres is what i mean.

*Thanks You Guys!!*

although im sure not many care...

I do know some of you actually read my blogs.... so how would you guys feel if i started a video blog?
I dont know if any of you are curious about me......Hell i may just be feeling concieted right now...

It just hit me... im not ready to start senior year. It is no joke when i say i will end up killing someone this year. No joke. I cant take everyone bullsht when i have a ton of my own to deal with.

God im just feeling all fucked up right now. I feel like ODing.... then i feel like binge drinking.... then i just wanna cut..... I swear i dont know what the hell my problem is.

is it true for you?

The few songs in the world right now that is appropriate for International MCR Day is:

The Only Hope For Me Is You. Thats how most of us feel right now. (Youre at peace with everything thats happened.)

Others probably feel like Ghost of You. (Hugs to you. Were here for you <3)

And some feel like Thank You For The Venom. ( Control the anger. Let out the calm.)

Im feeling option number 1.....
What are you feeling?

today, international mcr day

Twelve years of MCR.
Its sort of unreal theyre gone but all do come to an end.
They are the best and theyve saved mine along with thousands of other lives.
Theyve told us to "Stay Alive" and "Keep Running"
That we are their family.
Ill never forget that interview where Gerard that we are his "kids".
Theyve kept us alive, now it is time to do the same for them.
Dont give up, Dont give in,
Stay Ugly and
Keep Running cuz we are the children raising our dirty little palms up to heaven.

To you MCR.

from bullets to killjoys: time travel through the years

We were formed and we grew.
We paraded and we shot those fuckin Draculoids down.
We watched World War Two through Gerards eyes, saw Mikeys fear of "large bodies of water".
We played around in school through Frank drinking his science expiriment, and Ray licking crayons.
We danced around in the fire in Famous Last Words.
We were there from the black and white "I Dont Love You" to the bright NA NA NA.
We sighed as Gerard explained his right of "not wanting to see his fuckin face, cuz its his fuckin face"
We were there from Lil baby Bandit to Lil babies Lily and Cherry.

And we watched as they

dudes did you see it??

So i just got finished watching another fabulous Jared Leto movie and it was SICK!!
Urban Legend is ACTUALLY scary.
Its unexpected and hes hot. ;)

Also saw
Memoirs Of a Giesha: beautiful movie, captivating and elegant. Sad at first but kinda majestic.
Highway: HILARIOUS!! I love how Jared Leto is called the "God of Fuck". Perfect title for him. Lol
Urban Legend: the ultimate thriller movie, like damn

Any body has any great movies for me?? Prefer comedy, scary, thriller.

could you if i asked??

Could you tell me a story of a boy and a girl
Who were more in love than a diamond to the eye?
Could you paint me a world were there was no lies?
Could you make me a song that was merely all the secrets ive said?
Could you hold my hand through the horror and the pain?
Could you find a way to help me dance again?
Would you sway and laugh and jump around,
Would get the courage to silence the sound?

The sounds of a thousand painful words,
The sounds of a thousand deadly heartbeats
The sounds of the hateful words that we speak
The sounds of the tears and the tired breathing,
Could you, would

cyberbully (emily osment)

So i finally got the courage to watch the movie... and long story short i cried.... im still crying. I related to a tiny percent of the movie, but i stil could feel the pain resonating through the screen almost. And i had a gay friend in the 7th grade... he got ridiculed daily about it. He moved by the 8th grade and i havent heard from him since....
The scene where she was going to kill herself.... probably hit me the hardest because thats is the same way i tried to in the 9th grade.... and it really can tear a person down..... ruin them.
People talked about me, through Facebook, though some

are you guys still up??

So how is everyone doing with the WWMMB pojects???
I hope none of you forgot 0.o
Im making a video. Its gonna be like three minutes. But im going to use cards and music.
What are you guys doing??
My damn wisdom teeth are coming in, they feel like theyre ripping my braces off!!!
Ive never felt a pain like this.... welll maybe....
Someone talk please. Boredom is keeping me hostage....

im just as confused as you are

Has anyone ever told you "I miss the old you. Why cant he/she come back?"
Well if you feel like saying, how does it make you feel?
I honestly cant say if its meant as encouragement or to make the person you are now feel like crap.

I get told that at least ten times a week by different people and i get this horrible pain in my core like..... like i killed someone i guess.
I mean i know as i got older, ive gotten worse, from grades to personality....

And it just hit me the other day when my dad looked at me and was like "Every time i look at you i think of the eleven years youve wasted, and