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i will. fckrs.

Ill show them one day. Ill be married and comfortable and they wont be able to say a damned thing. My breakdowns and tears arent permanenent, and my sadness isnt forever. But my happiness will come soon. And ill pass on the best i can to the next generation because we cant do much but move on.

starting over. again.

I always thought that the sun meant a new and better day. That your life was starting over just one more time to show you "look! Things can change. You just gotta try" but even when you do and nothing works you start to wonder am i going insane.

They Scare Me

I really wish youd come and talk to me. Talk me out of misery and lonliness. The silence scares me. I just want a friend. I want you. I want a human that would treat me like they found something good in me. I want a hug, something that says "youre appreciated and the universe isnt as mean as it seems".

But then again I just want to cry.

Believe the signs

You told me hello and at that i was caught, I said could he possible like me? I really think not.
You told me I love you, and i didnt believe, Ive been hurt before and because of that i couldnt see:

The way you smiled when I got excited, and the way you said to go on when i couldnt fight it.
The way you held on to me when I wanted to run, the way you told me i shine bright like the sun.

Youve always told me forget what they say, because one day, just one day Theyll see things my way.
Youve been there for me since day one, youve gotten mad, happy, sad and just fun.

So next time I say, im not

I Wish

I wish i wasnt lonely, i wish i wasnt trapped. I wish i could make you happy, just imagine that. But even if i wish for all these things, theres one i want the most. For you to stay and love me, and just hold me close.



I cant seem to get away from all the negativity around me. I have a tendency to absorb those feelings yet everyone says im the pessimist and the screw up and the failure. Im looking for jobs but yet im called a loser because i havent got one yet and im 16. Im supposed to find an apartment soon so i wont be a bum. But hopefully ill be able to do joint rent with my closest. Im been driven up the wall because to my family im the loser and they arent there to see what im REALLY trying to do.

Life Comments BLAH

Well my life has been pretty mundane for the last three weeks. Im almost finished moving and its been stressing me out along with my grades. Ive been almost at a point were im in a calm state for once in my life. But in school its horrible. My best friend and her girlfriend have been in trouble and at risk of expulsion. I really hope everything works out well for them. I love you girls both. :(

BTW how does Gerard Way look in this picture?! Im so glad i found it!!!



R.I.P To You Both.

The reason of this post is due to the one thing we always wish we had more of. Time and Chances. I have loved My Chemical Romance since i was twelve years old. I have been with them ever since. And it drove me to my breaking point when I found out they are done.

To My Chemical Romance: Good luck on your future endeavors and Keep Smiling. The Killjoy family will always be around.

Now the second one is dedicated to my Spanish teacher Ms. Acton. She passed away today after suffering from an anuerism and a siezure while on a class trip in Costa Rica.