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December Lithium you are beautiful, gracious and well deserving of love and happiness. Please be ok and know if you ever ever need support or laughter im always there for you. Dont let the feelings get to you. Trample those feelings and show the world youre a kick ass queen.

Love, Valence Fistfight


If i have to deal with one more persons stupid fcking comments im going to RIP SOMEONES HEAD OFF!! I try and try to maintain my anger and when i eventually blow up on someone IM the bad guy. This is the sht that makes me hate being around people. When you call me lazy moron for trying to help you out whatthefck you think im gonna do??!! Ohmygosh im am so pssed off right now.

Sorry again for the outburst.

help ......

Im getting fatter every day and i know im not pregnant. But the worst part is that im gettimg scared of getting bigger cuz i love being my toothpick self. I feel that if i keep getting bigger my life is going to change for the worse.... gosh i know none of this makes sense.... i tried everything to slim down and im only 16 so lyposuction is out the question. I need help. I feel horrible with myself.


You told me you cared. That youll always be there, whenever, wherever. Anything happened youll always love me.

You lied.

i dont mean to offend anyone here about this subject

I honestly dont feel like the universe meant for me to have to have a mother or a mother figure. The first one left before i was two and never once contacted me. And the step mom i have now doesnt do anything but yell and scream at everyone. Even when shes "happy" its like shes borderline mad all the time. So ever since i entered her family i have never connected with her. But she claims and claims its my fault. I make her miserable, im defiant and stupid and uncaring. Well when you get to that point in life when you feel like giving up yea you tend to not give a damn anymore.


Cuz the world is ugly, but youre beautiful to me.
Are you thinking of me like im thinking of you?
I would say im sorry though i really need to go.
But i just wanted you to know,
I wanted you to know
I wanted you to know
Im thinking of you every night, every day...
These are the lives and the lives are for taking,
These are the hearts but thier hearts dont beat like ours.
They burn cuz they are all afraid, we mark these words as ours
Cuz the world is ugly, but youre beautiful to me.

The World is Ugly- My Chemical Romance


I Quit. Im fcking done with everyone.

Is it wrong?

That i always can depend on my family to make me depressed and agitated. That every time they claim to try to make us happy they do it for thier own benefit? They do it the way they want to? That every damn time i try to help they scream at me and when i dont help they still scream at me. My sister can obsess over friends but my mere mentioning it will get me yelled and insulted? And when i try to go places to hang its not the right time to but i get yelled at for never getting out.

Rubys and Diamonds

Its possible. Totally possible. Happiness is just wonderful when it hits you. Its like the shiniest jewel in the world given to you, and you only. Because youre fcking special. Everyone here is. Whether its been shown to you or you know it yourself, its true. Because youre bigger and better and WAY more beautiful than any gem out there.

So anyone tries to shut you down, well...... we have two middle fingers for a reason. ;)

Can you explain?

Beauty is inside you, time is against you, love runs with you, but old memories never miss you.
Hearts beats fast, thoughts start to flow, they tell you to leave but miss you when you go.
Life dissapears before you know it, the say we have a destiny, that we can control it.

We love, we lose, we cry, we laugh. Can you explain that?