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is it just me?

Is it just me or does any one else feel that Ray Toros new song seem like hes talking about MCR?? I dont mean to look for bad vibes, but i cant shake the feeling that that is what he is talking about in the song....

Especially the chorus and how he talks about standing on his own and building confidence.... i really hope they didnt break on bad terms. I dont want them to make mean music towards each other. I love them way too much....


bulletproof heart official video

I dont know if itll show but ill post it again if not

sorry for posting so much (random thought process)

These are like the TOP 10 SONGS that should have videos to them:

1:The Only Hope For Me Is You
2: Mama
3: Destroya
4: You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
5: Headfirst for Halos
6: Black Dragon Fighting Society
7: Summertime
8: S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
9: The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
10: The World Is Ugly

I think seeing them in the world of these songs will let us see a different side of them. Idk. It would be interesting to see what theyd do. Hows the WWMMB project going for everyone?

*LoneStar will chill with the blogging now*


I need to see 30 Seconds To Mars before THEY break up too.

I would eat shrimp if there was no Halibut left on Earth.

I hate my body, but i love my eyes.

I love murder shows, especially Bones.

If i never had seen Doctor Who id prolly be a braindead kid.

My first fight was when i was four with a four year old back in NYC.

My biggest fear is of vines, i always think theyll wrap around my ankles.

I have only one reason why i have a off track thought process.

I never believed i was pretty because of a fourth grade incident and my seventh and eight grade years of school.

If i had the chance id be

um hello? anyone?

What the hell happened? Since when did Battery City become a ghost town? Nobody has anything to talk about, to comment on?? We are Killjoys, we are naturally emotional (i speak for some) so somebody talk!!

Here ill start the convo: Hi my name is________& i like___________because its_________…

*LoneStar is lost and can see tumbleweed rolling across the screen*

you guys made me cry

I saw all the comments on YouTube and Facebook spreading the word about WWMMB and im so fucking excited that more than a hundred people and counting are joining this project. It made my heart leap. You guys are apparently really really passionate about this mission and im glad allot of you are participating.
Thank you for loving the idea and the goal of WWMMB. I love you all.


*LoneStar is fuckin OVERJOYED*

the girl who dared dream

She looked up and smiled and stared for awhile.
She took in a breath and the flowers swayed with her.
She made everyone happy, her face was beautiful.
But she went home and she cried.

She was hurting and dying and never knew why,
No one cared, no one saw and no one wondered about her lies.
She smiled in your face, she hugged and she loved

Her eyes shone like diamonds, her walk was dainty
But no one saw the scars that she had painted.
She bled and she cried and what she showed the world was lies.

Her blood flowed like rubbies, her tears flowed like the rain.
But she couldnt afford to show the

its getting bad

I havent eaten a real dish in three days. Ive been snacking on pretzels, water, juice and other candies. I tried eating eggs and toast this morning and nearly threw up. Ive lost some weight. Like four pounds. My mom is going to have a meltdown if i keep putting my dinner in the fridge.....

Anywho i see that the WWMMB is running well and would like to thanks you all once again for joining and spreading the word.
And honestly i dont know how to work my account on DeviantArt.

But i love you more than words can say,
Oh i cant count the reasons i should stay.
One by one they all just fade away.

how does everyone feel about WWMMB??

Is everyone fine with the rules and the explanations of WWMMB?
Does anyone have any questions or concerns about it?
I just want to make sure every thing runs smoothly and everyone gets the opportunity to participate.
If you have any ideas or new concepts to WWMMB message me.
Everyones opinion is greatly valued.

Spread the word about WWMMB and enjoy the mission.
Thank you everybody for joining

a complete fck up

So i have to find a job.
Im not going to Washington D.C. with my senior class
I have to retake my SATs and take the ACTs just to make myself feel a little better.
I have to find SOME MIRACLE to get into any college
And last but not least find an apartment so i can move out on time

Im just screwing up left and right and the best thing i can do is nothing. God i am so pissed off right now its rediculous. Ive broken about three cups, burnt my food, amd screamed at my siblings because of this. My heart is fcking palputating, im breathing like a dramatic bitch and i just want to scream.