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Uploading day one / mikey way




Pink masquerade #15

So just to let you know my video will feature me in a pink and grey masquerade mask to conceal my identity. Im uploading mine on the 12th so i can make it perfect. Dont know if that was truly important.....just throwing it out there...

Um.... my day today was great near the end. I got my blood drawn this morning... (she asked me which arm do i want the needle in, and i balled my hands up and said "niether".) My bf bought me breakfast and im so thankful for him and that. I just love being around him.

Him and my friends and you guys of course are the only people that can make me happy.

mcr media takeover video watch!!! #16

If *If I Die Tonight* is on here i wanna thank you so much for posting the video. Its really great. Everyone should watch it!! Im having a difficult time putting mine together. My only problem is how to hide my identity from people who know me personally aka my parents. Its connected to my google account for some reason. And idk what to do. Ugh fustration!!

Love you guys!! WWMMB is only days away!!!

the house fight #17

Does anybody remember the video of My Chemical Romance at some party and as they were walking out the door, they got into a fight and i think Ray and Frank and Gerard were the ones mainly involved??
I seen it on YouTube once and it was real grainy and pixelled.

Anywho my migraines are coming back full force. I reallly wish that friends could be friends without all the personal stuff behind it ya know?? Like i dont need the friends that feel as though they should report everything i say to another friend.

so guys... #18

So how as your day Killjoys?? Whats new?? My third day was great. Real tired, almost passed out in Economics. Jeez. Lol but yea im bored.

Anybody wanna talk??

all the above #19

So my second day was prolly better than my first. Looks like a great gig. (Ex is really attached guys sheesh)
He sits near me, says hi all the time, stares at me... ugh. And this girl who likes me, she is such a sweetheart.
But i love my classes. Still trying to compose my WWMMB project. Hope yours is going well too guys. I have so so much to do this year its crazy.

Im really nervous about my neurologist appointment... i hope nothing is wrong with my brain... nothing some pills or surgery cant handle...

I really appreciate the feedback from you guys. Really. Thank you for being there.

first day of school #20

So today was my first day of school. My senior year. And my friend that was mentioned in my past blog is talking to me again. In person. I still cant text or call her cuz her gf finds it. But as long as we talk im happy. I got to hug my bf for the first time in WEEKS. My classes are great, excellent choice in classmates. Except my english class... my ex bf and his ex gf are in there and he sits 2 seats away from me (still likes me) and she keeps staring at me like i wont punch her lights out. But best day ever. Legit. I just wish i didnt have to go with my lil sister..... ugh

i cant count the reasons i should stay #21

I start school tomorrow. :-/

Enough said.

immortal music #22

So you know how you hear a song and like after a few years or even months it gets old or unbearable? Sayyyyy Gangnam Style orrrrr California Gurls???

Well dont you feel that My Chemical Romances' music is just immortal? You play one of the songs from the first album and it feels like it came out just yesterday. Its amazing when music like that is made.
Like hell, i can still play We Will Rock You and it feels new. Lol

On the downside: i start school on Wednesday, not lookin foward to it.


so begins my trial and error #23

So guys its September. Im born in this month and yet it is the worst month for me EVERY year. I always get into the WORST trouble, have the most suicidal thoughts. And do nothing but i get some type of reprecussion anyways.
I literally live by the song: Wake Me Up When September Ends.

I start school in 3 days and im still not prepared emotionally. I really want to turn this September around, make it different from my past Septembers, but i can tell the future so idk what to do.

Only 23 days till my birthday.... also not one of my best days.