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Hospitals suck and so does emergency surgery

i look like shit feel like shit they cut me open in 3 places told me there was only one thing wrong with me when in fact there was 3 things wrong and im in a lot of pain and morphine does nothing pkus im sick with something and i have some gawd damn breathing tube now


wtf happend to the website its all jacked up like

Happy Birthday Gerard

Happy Birthday Gerard. This day last year was the best day of my life cant wait till the next time you come to see us here in Denver.

Art to save a friend (hope Gerard looks at this)

I made this for a friend who means a lot to me but isn't always in the best of mind sets.

on the back i wrote "To remind you that there is always a light at the end of a dark forest and star to reach for. and a tree to lean on"

he loved it Yay

when someone dies

so its 110% true if you put my chem on full blast and lay down in a dark room and just cry for couple hours after someone dies you'll feel better not a lot better but better, and hug a teddy bear it fixes some problems well it helps with the closure a little I've done it for the past ten year and it helps every time then just right it out. im being supper emo right now, but i got to say this helps very much so.

life doesn't last forever

last night I saw Mcr and it was awesome but on that last song cancer witch of course they always end with I cried like a babe I just couldn't hold it in I just the song just shows so much truth to every day life and last year it proved true in my life alot it not only shows the beginning of somethings it shows the end to something great which is always hard because the hardest part it alway leaving the one you love behind the song always brings that to life no pun intended and I can't wait to see them again live

best fan ever

I better be the best fan ever I am sick with 103 fever and I refuse to miss the Mcr concert =3I have been waiting for months then bam I got this stupid throat thing no voice coughing sneezing idk what it is but I can't miss the concert after what I went through to get tickets. I even went to work with this crap and got sent home 2 times I'm not missing anything for this darn thing I got and definitely not the worlds best band ever my life doesn't stop for a cold and neither dose Mcr I wouldn't miss it for the world I luv them so much can't wait to see them again.

denver co

i hope my brother is on leave when mcr comes to town he the one person i want to go with most my bro said he would try to be here on my b-day so i hope he will be here for that too my bro is in the usmc so everyone cross your fingers

-- my chemical romance didnt save my life they made it