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Mcr shirt!

I just checked the mail and found my new MCR shirt there! I went home and put it on sooo fast and now I'm sooooo happy! I put on Kill All Your Friends and danced and sang and now I'm on this site with a big smile on my face! I got the desert spider shirt and the widow button! The button is a little small but still awesome! I love MCR! Killjoys make some noise! Stay beautiful, keep it ugly!

Bettr than I thought

Earlier I posted a blog about how my school is doing this spring carnival and how it's gonna be awful but, I got to see an old friend that I haven't seen in years! We laughed and at one point cried. We exploded root bear and murdered a rubic cube. We hugged and sang karaoke. We bounced in a bouncy castle and we went down a giant inflatable slide head first (at the same time). Honestly, tonight really reminded me that there is hope in the world and that true friends do exsist! Never give up killjoys! Stay beautifu, keep it ugly! <3


Today we have this stupid spring fling at my school. It's basically a carnival minus the fun rides. I have to go because my mom works at the school:( hopefully my friends will be there and we can find a nice corner to hide in!

Where are my friends?

It seems like all of my true friends have moved away:( I still text them and stuff but I really miss talking. I feel like now left with the friends who are ok but not true. I miss my friends!


Today has been very frustrating! My friends are mad at my other friends and they are making me pick sides, me and my bestie always hangout but there's this girl and she is trying to break our friendship up, one of my best guy friends parents are getting devorced and I am losing my voice which really sucks because I am a singer! It's times like this that I'm glad to have My Chemical Romance to pick me up and love me! Killjoys make some noise!

I'm board so I'm gonna copy this!

1. height:5ft 5in

2. virgin: yes

3. shoe size: 10 (I have big feet)

4. sexual orientation: straight you smoke: No

6. do you drink: No, but I do enjoy Diet Coke

7. do you take/do drugs: NO!

8. what age do you get mistaken for: 15

9. tattoos: Does marker count?

10. piercings: Ears

11. Best friend: Sophie, analis, Caleb, Kayla

12. Relationship status: single

13. favorite movie:anything scary (I find it funny that this is #13)

14. Dream job: Profesional singer

15. What I need: MCR music, true friends

16. Favorite MCR member: Gerard / Frank ( I can't chose!)


2 days ago I watched the movie insidious, it was so scary! Me and my friend couldn't stop screaming! In case you have never heard of it, it is about a family who believes that their house is haunted so they move only to find out that their eldest son actually is. And yes, I might have just copied that from Netflix. This movie had a lot of stuff popping out and I literally flipped back in my chair! I get scared really easy (not as easy as my friend who I was watching it with tho, she barely looked at the screen!) comment if u have seen it and if it scared you!

PS. This is my first blog ever!