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Lololoryn1's blog

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Ahhh! My hair!!

Today I'm having a bad hair day! I have short hair and it is sticking up! My straightener isn't working and I'm too lazy to take a shower! Uhhhh! Thank god for hats!!


<3 I LOVE YOU!!<3


IM NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you guys haven't yet seen, on the news page, the boys posted that they are doing an update and all of our blogs, photos, and anything else will be returning to us shortly! Yeah! We will be back in no time!

blogs, all gone! :( :(

All of my blogs have been deleted! i dont know how it happened! i dont remember hitting the Delete all blogs button! Im really sad:(:(:(:( well, starting overs good right? i guess it will have to do. If u have any possible idea on how to fix this problem, please tell me!

This is diamond detonator, starting over.


Is there some kind of hack going on on this website? This morning i went on my account this morning and all my stuff was normal, but now, all my blogs are deleted and all my profile information is gone! Please tell me if there is some kind of hack and if there is any way i can get my blogs back! tnak u killjoys!


Earlier I posted a blog with a 2 sentence poem in it and I thought that I could make it longer, so I did! Enjoy!

Strong by:Loryn Autrey

She comes off as strong, 
But maybe she fell asleep crying.
She acts like nothing is wrong, 
But maybe she’s just really good at lying.
She tired of the hate, 
It makes her want to die. 
She tired of all the stuff on her plate, 
It makes her not want to try.
Shes sick of all the lies,
The friends who come and go.
She's sick of all the goodbyes,
Her beauty will never show.
She hides when people come near,
She's too afraid to be herself.
She's scarred from all

I love this poem!

she comes off as strong, but maybe she fell asleep crying. she acts like nothing is wrong, but maybe she’s just really good at lying.


What's your weakness? Mine is matching socks and Justin bieber songs!


Today is the annual demolition derby in our town! I cant wait! I love it! Cars smashing into other cars! Whoooo! Im so excited! Plus, I get to take one of my besties with me! It's her first time, so let's hope she loves it!