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What were YOU for Halloween?!
wat did u guys dress up as?? wat u all do on Halloween? my GF and i went out trick or treatin together ^_^
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY ITS ALMOST HOLLOWEEN BABY!!! hopefully i get lotta candy this year! how much candy do u guys usually get??!
pretty cool
someone dedicated this to their grandfather and used "Welcome To The Black Parade". i thought it was pretty cool. wat do u guys think??
I Jus passed my A+P quiz!!! soooooo happy right now!!!
so anyone no when the new cd by My Chemical Romance is coming out?? how good do u all think this album will be? wish me luck on my AP quiz tomorrow...
fuck there go my grades >.<
im doin fine in every single class except Anatomy and Physiology. so now my parents wont let me see my girl friend :( i try soooo hard but my best isnt enough and they dont understand tha. now im all depressed bout it... FML...
so im here chilling at HVCC and i was Bored so i decided to ask you all a question: What do you do while listening to songs by My Chemical Romance???
Anatomy and Physiology
does anyone got some good study tips for Anatomy and Physiology?? cause im doin horrible in the class >.
Hi my name is RJ. Im new to this bloggin thing. umm lets see... im from NY sooo im pretty close to NJ. ummm... i am always hungry like now for instance i could go for a cheese burger and fries XP but thas prob not healthy for 7:30 in the morn (hwo cares tha stuff tastes goodXD). well im at college waiting for class to start and i was bored so i decided to try the blog thing out.