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100 truths

1. Real Name? Ryan James

2. If you could change your name? No

3. Obsessions? Video games

4. Male or Female or Other? male

5. Elementary School? Saddlewood

6. Middle School? - st pius

7. High School? - shaker

8. Want to go to college? went to a cc

9. Natural Hair color? Black

10. Tall or Short? short

11. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans

12. Phone or Camera? Phone

13. Health Freak? kinda

14. Orange or Apple? apples

15. Do you have a crush on someone? my girlfriend

16. Eat or Drink? Eat

17. Ever broken a bone? No, im immortal

18. Pepsi or Coke? i dilike soda

19. Been in an airplane? Yes

20. Been in a relationship? currently in one

21. Been in a car accident? Nope im a good asian driver

22. Caused a fight? screamfests


24. Best Friend? if i had to choose, Nate

25. First friend you ever made? Nate

26. First Crush? i dont feel like trying to spell her name, it was 2nd grade though

27. First Word? Idk tbh.

Typical Protoss

a game i played

Getting owned in Gold :(


you dont have to be Akakli to be a ninja!

Me playin League of Legends! Being sneaky with my support Sona.

Starcraft Anyone?

A game i played and casted myself let me know what you think!


MCR fans just thought I would drop in today and say HELLO to everyone :)

Just updated my profile as well...

does anyone on here play League of Legends?

Lets assume because I don't want to mope!!!

So assuming the guys will be playing together in a new band. What do you think they will sound like? Or maybe they are working or a music video movie XD

throw somethin out there. I know My Chem is gone but the idea will live on ^_^

Starcraft 2?

How many Birthday views can you guys get me??
(yes that is me talking)