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Waaa i need an advice!!

i was the biggest nerd at middle school, the smartest girl of class the teachers loved me. I felt used
classmate: "liiiz can u borrow me ur homework??"
- " eeeh??"
- "ok, i took it"
classmate: "oh liz, i passed Chemistry!!!"
- "wooow =) its great"
-"i copied ur exam and i passed"
MyChem changed my life and saved me. Music became my life. I felt in love with all of these vampires. I had a friend, she loved MCR, the first time i listened to the band was for her, but she hated whn somebody said i love my chemical romance. She was good with me but i never told her i loved mcr.
My bf was the only

My Chemical Room

My room has 546 mcr´s picks.
I luv MyChemicalRomance!!!

Gerard Way Phantom

He´s lovely =D

Anti-Panda message

i´ve seen many blogs talking about Panda, i luv the way u hate this band

whn mcr came 2 Mexico (2 years ago) i wrote G about Panda, i told him about every word they stole, i realized they stole more than 2 mcr songs =S (i dont remember how many songs), grrr i was sooo angry.
And the artwork of their cd has mcr things... for example a girl like Helena (in mcr she has guns around her head) but panda put her arrows, a girl in a hospital bed with a scar in her heart, i found dozens of similarities.
I gave to G a biiiig conclusion, with photograhs and translating lyrics.

waaa happy bryar b-day!!!!

im super happy 4 the bob´s b-day!!!!!!!!!! lets sing and dance with me...
happy bryar b-day 2 u!!!!
happy bryar b-day 2 u!!!!
happy bryar b-day 2 u!!!!
this boy is awesome!!!! the best drummer ever!!!!

Chatroom =)

it would b great a chatroom!!!
we need one
so.. post a blog saying u want a chatroom.

Who is in charge of this web page??


waa im super happy cuz i found the myspace of the boy i like
=) he is the guy of the picks, but i dont have myspace and i couldnt download the picks bigger
he is super handsome!!! haha waaaa

then i saw my x-boyfriend wrote him he felt really shamed cuz he used to love MyChem...
grrrrrrrr HE IS THE BIGEST MOTHERFUCKER!!! DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE!! Waaa and he played with my heart
whts his problem, MyChem is so much for him
I hope u never left the best band ever

ive know ppl who doesnt like me cuz i love mychem
i wont


wtf.. why it hurts
love isnt supposed to hurt
if there´s love there´s pain
i still want him so much

I never thought you would've
thrown something back,
ripping apart my heart.

Warped tour!!

mayb it isn´t good but it was done with looooove


i want some pictures of pretty boys.
Can u help me with names??

Gerard Way is perfect.
i love Andy Six