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cry with meh! =( i wanted the poster

dah dah

Everybody is asking.. who will win the mcr signed poster????
nooo and right now ill go to skool!!
all the fucking evening ill be with the doubt

Signed posters

hello mcr!!!
have u seen that for every second mcr has a new coment in the contest of the signed poster??
wooow a good competition
i think they should give many posters, cuz we have .9999999% possibilities to win

i luv Chemheads

1st sorry for stoling Chemhead, Geesus, its Gerardific and Mcrland.. but i luv how it sounds those words. omfgeesus
And is just wanna say THANKS!!!!!!! Cuz mcr fans are the best fans of the world.
THANKS for your support to the best band of the world.
I luv when mcr has an award.
THANKS for all the times you have been voting for them.
It makes me happy to see they win in votations.

MCR is my addiction

An addiction is an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction, problem gambling, ergomania, compulsive overeating, shopping addiction (ohh no), computer addiction, video game addiction, pornography addiction, television addiction, etc.

I have obsession, compulsion and excessive psychological dependence with My Chemical Romance. When i started to b a fan, i felt really desesperated cuz i was at school, i had in my mind "dead!" and "this is how i disappear", i wanted to listen to the black parade. waa i felt very angry and the biggest desesperation.


Have u heard the new alesana songs?
did u like them? i sounds like the old albums. But i liked the songs.

a friend told me mcr copied alesana with the black suit and red tie.
but i told him the video Helena was done in 2005 and Ambrosia in 2006. And he cant understand MCR never copied Alesana.


i was looking for a haircut..
and i found this photo

muahaha i feel like a bitch
mcr autographs 5/oct/07

one day my xboyfriend asked me about the best day of my life. i said 5/oct/07: the 1st day i saw mcr
and i asked him the same.. he said his best day was when i became his girlfriend
=/ i felt like the worst girlfriend
anywas he was a liar! he finished me

my autographs are holy. nobody can touch this box. cuz i c some fingerprints and i think: is it the Rays, Mikey´s, G´s and frank´s fingeprints?

i <3 Gerard Way soooo much!!!!