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Have u ever falled in love with a gay???

aaaa i couldnt believe it, he is so gorgeous, SO FUCKIN GORGEOUS, the perfect man.. i always saw him, he made me tremble when he moved his blond and long hair like a super model.
and.. today i noticed.. he´s gay! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i cant believe it! he is so fuckin gorgeous!! he seems like an heterosexual man.

why!! 2 years ago i felt in luv with a gorgeous boy... aww all the girls of the skool were in luv with this boy.. & he was gay.
Six months ago.. i felt in luv with a pretty boy.. and today i noticed he is gay. why!! all the prettiest boys of the skool are gays??

Have u

wtf! zac efron sucks, and he can perform like Kurt Cobain

i saw it in this page but it´s in spanish

Zac Efron is one of the candidates to personify to the rock character Kurt Cobain, in a biographical movie about the Nirvana´s vocalist.

booooo IT SUCKS!!!!!! ZAC EFRON IS UGLY AND STUPID!! He doesnt deserve to b Cobain.
This makes a mockery of the music.

I need help.. what should i do??

ok, theres a boy.. i dont like him
all the time follows me.. sends me messages
im tired of it.
he made an appointment.. but i dont want to go, should i tell him i dont want to go??
but.. he gave me a present this valentine´s day. waaa

are there some A Static Lullaby fans??

have u ever heard their song mixed with my chemical romance??
destroy all vampires
the part of rap sucks

heey can u take me to Hotel Bella Muerte??
hello!! i need ideas!!

i think it would b so fucking pretty to do a record guiness for mcr
the biggest black parade of the world..
the biggest altar
the best tribute to a band

do you have a better idea?

Breathe Carolina

i luv this band


My Ipod is dead *cries*

=( i luv my ipod classic of 30gigs, he is 3 years old
his 1st word was: "My Chemical Romance"
ive protected him of virus, we had cried and laughed together.
now who will rock with meh?

i cant turn on my ipod, i was like crazy pushin any button
it had been fixed many times.. so.. should i buy a new one?

Super card/collage to gerard way

u know bbbatman, favoritex3colors and more fans want to do a giant card to gerard.
Gerard had given us support and saved lives, now its our time to give him our support.
So.. help this pretty idea of doing the card!!
We have to show him how much means for us.

I draw something for him, mayb it isnt good, its the cartoon with the biggest head.
ONE QUESTION! Who will bring to G the card???


I know G has problems in his thoat..
Do you know why is he sick???