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i dont understand... i checked my twitter account and saw Hayley´s twitter hacked, then somebody posted a personal photo of her.
i´m soo fuckin angry, why do they fuck her? she is a lady, they should respect her

i want this fuckin shirt, i want it, i want it, i want it, i want it!!!

im from Mexico, and idk how can i get it
HELP MEH!!! and how much will it cost???
=/ im poor, i need to get money for the ETF concert =)

omfg!!!!!!!!!! frank is on twitter right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what do u think about this boy?
i want to b in the MCRMY

i dunno if i´m in the mcrmy mexico, some months ago.. i sent my data, but i dont have an answer.
i just luv mcr, they make me feel so alive. I cant explain how much i luv this band, they´re a reason to live. The things i luv, they left me and hurt me. But mcr is the only thing wont hurt me and their music will last till my last breath.

screamo version lolz

i like Breath Carolina.
They said, if u replied them, they would follow u.
i replied them two times, they r followin everybody less me.
i felt happy cuz one band i like would follow me.
they should b like Ray Toro, he´s nice with ALL their fans.


you say Avril Lavigne- I say she´s a bitch haha and i say Alesana or A Static Lullaby

you say Britney Spears- i say Blessthefall

you say Cobra Starship- i say Confide

you say David Cook- I say the Devil Wears Prada

you say Enchanters- i say Escape the Fate

you say Fergie- I say From Autumn To Ashes

you say the Go- Go's- i say Get Scared

you say Hannah Montana- i say she sucks. i say Haste the Day

you say Ice Cube- i say I Set My Friends On Fire

you say Jelly Beans- i say Jimmy Eat World

you say Kid Cudi- i say Kidneythieves

you say Lady Gaga- i say Leathermouth!!

you say Machine- I say MY