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does anyone like attack attack!?

i liked this band, but it wasnt one of my fav bands.
whoo their new album is so freakin good!!! i love their new songs


i miss them, high school was one the best moments of my life.
today was the 2nd day at university, i dont fit in
i feel alone

yay! tomorrow i c Escape The Fate! :DD
new languaje

i want to learn a lot of languajes.. this monday i start studing technologies.
i cant choose the 1st im gonna study. would u recomend me a languaje??


i was accepted into the mechatronics engineering at the IPN. Im so freakin´ happy. 40000 students wanted this career, they choosed the best 300. haha this morning i cried
tomorrow mcr international day, HAPPY MCR INTERNATIONAL DAY!!
(i cant begin to let you know just what im feeling..)

mcr day

everyday we celebrate the mcr day!! a day without mcr isnt life
how will u celebrate the international mcr day??
i wanna do something crazy this day, like a tatoo of the gerard´s face.. haha my mom is gonna kill me if i do it

sex kills
:( i cant open itunes
new 30stm video


dear mcrland

im back!! uuu i have a new vision, the laser surgency was good, i gave my old glasses to my brother-in-law.
i cant wear make up for 15 days.. noooooooo.. i feel more ugly without make up.
what had happened in this community those last 4 days??

(im listening to it´s not a fashion statement.. i luv this song.. hip hip hooray for me)
the little girl of the photo is my niece, i had to b 6 hours without openin my eyes, she took care of me and she´s a little mcr fan