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skool is boring =S

waa!! we spent 30 hours doing our house´s model. (we had to repeat the walls cuz the teacher didnt like it)
We finished one week ago.
the teacher shaked the house but she couldnt destroy it =) i loved the mcr poster that a room had and a friend put heavy metal bands posters. We did an electric installation.

whoo it was the heaviest year at skool of my fuckin life, 2 architectural plans in a week (7 or 12 hours in each plane), and more plans with the computer (3D and 2D). 19 hours with differential calculus homework.
and more homework and exams with physics, company administration and

MycHEM changed my fuckin life
can somebody explain me??? WTF with manson

everybody talks about frank vs manson
i know the start whn manson said mcr tried to b like him.. but it´s in the past

But these last days... What´s the problem?? Why manson´s fans versus mcr´s fans??
I dunno understand

Frank ARRESTED???? =(

hi everyone
iim in shock waaa i saw in a blog that some men in black visited Frank,
just for the song "Im going to kill to the president of the united states of america"

"The government comes to your house, searches everything and talks to your wife for hours," says Iero, adjusting the sleeves on his hoodie. "Then you have to get a real expensive attorney to keep you out of prison for five years. I had a long talk with the gentlemen of the Secret Service.

vooote for Gerard
we r so proud of him!!!!
he is our hero


he has to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love chocolates
in Día de Muertos i bought this "calaverita", the "the calaveritas" r a tradition in Mexico. and Día de muertos was the inspiration 4 the black parade is dead.
i think it´s the last day 4 the white chocolate.

hit the the ones who hate MyChem

it´s my 1st blog. and... i´m askin myself why does mcr is hated?? i cant understand it, my friends hate it. ashhh