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i found a picture of the franks twins, do u wanna c them?
party till u pass out

tody i saw bmth..
short but amazin concert.
i never thought i´d go to their concert, a friend introduced me into them.

im so small ha i lost my converse, i was tired, i couldnt move my legs, couldnt breath.
the best thing of my day is that oliver saw me when he was in the van and whn they sang football season.

:) sexiest song: destroya!

im happy cos i´ve decided i wont change of career, i think the 1st weeks were the worst.
tomorrow i´ll SING the new mcr song.. uff
20 days for danger days!!!!!!!
the 30-november im gonna c BMTH
I cant take out of my head Destroya! i feel guilty cos i should wait 20 days to listen to this song.
but.. i felt in love and tomorrow i have class with a frustrated teacher. It sucks!
uuu anyway! mcr makes me happy, i love their new sound!


the prettiest girl i´ve seen

Today´s a special day

Every year i celebrat 5-oct, cuz on 5-oct-2007 i saw my fav band for 1st time.
i got their autographs, it had been the only day i´ve missed school, they made me the happiest girl of the world, i thought i was dreamin, i gave them some drawings, i couldnt believe their hands took something i did, ray was really kind and said me: 'gracias', i cried, i cant forget the Frank´s eyes, the prettiest things ive seen, G saw me (the best seconds of my life) i h8 me cuz i couldnt say them anythin. At oct 7 2007 the black parade dead.
aww i luv my chemical romance. i want to c them again.

if i were so good at school like mcr music i´d b a fuckin genius

i was really depressed, i wanted to change of career, i listened to 'na na na', it made me forget the stress
yesterday i had the worst exam of my life, i think im gonna fail Linear Algebry, it was easy but loooong.. It´d b the 1st time i fail a subject :/
shut up and sing with me: na na na

today my cat died smashed :/

3 years ago, it was an alley cat, i saw her at the street. I said: "ohh poor skinny, hungry and ugly cat, im gonna feed it" and i dediced to adopt her, then she became a pretty cat.
this morning a car run over her,
whn i woke up my mom said: liiiz, ur cat is dead, her brains r smashed, i just could see her insides.
i opened my window and stuck my head out, i saw a red stain and a leg
it was so fuckin cruel

i found it in a magazine, find 15 mcr songs in this picture
Does anyone like In This Moment??

i love this band, her voice is amazing.