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Christmassacre: A Christmas Story

Can you tell me if I have mistakes?

It was a day Anna would never forget... her mother noticed his man had another family so one Christmas Eve she cooked his bastards, the worst of all is that Anna felt a guilty pleasure. His dad lost his mind when he knew what he was eating and killed his wife.

One day she found Ben, the man she loved, it broke her heart she had a beautiful wife and a little boy. She saw him while she was working in a mall, every holiday season she became Santa. She was so grotesquely obese and looked like a man.

he's so perfect and i'm so not :(

omg, have u ever seen a prettier boy??
After any mcr member, he's the most perfect man of the world.
he studies two engineerings :OO one of them mechatronics with me, but i can't talk him. Tall, perfect hair, he's like an angel.
It sucks, i'll never talk him :s i'm horrible, he's perfect.
I just need to see his pretty face :) when i dont see him, i get angry or sad :s

poor animals, u need to watch it :(

its so cruel
i want to share it
how can they kill those sweet animals? im feelin guilty, i should b vegetarian
i couldnt post the video, but i have the link ---->

:( frank is angry with some fans

i think he has the reason, becos they don respect his privacity
but his words could hurt some fans :s

Just to be clear if you are uploading/ reblogging pics of my kid's faces because you think you 'know' me, truth is i hate you & hope you die

i have a question very important for you

juay the rito??

im free :D

Ok, im back again yesterday i chated!! haha i didnt remember the last time i chated and the 1st saturday i slept early, i used to sleep at 5:00 am.
idk how i survived, the 2nd day at school i wanted to change of career, and i was depressed, cos i was the nerd of my high school. The first day at university, the teachers made u feel like a good for nothing. and it´s sad when u feel u arent good in the only thing you thought u were good.

Many of my friends wanted the same university, but only i was accepted.
I felt alone, the majority of my companions arrived from the nerdest high school of my


i still miss him

keep voting ;)
help me plz, and ill give u a cookie ;)

im looking for a new look
i like somethng like the last image..
but the colors, wouldnt c fine with my skin color.
soo.. would u recomend me some colors?? instead of white and pink.
and some advices of hairstyle, piercings..

franks babies??

i found it in this page: