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Fail of the Day

Waiting for the YouTube video to load....
Finally loads...
Accidentally clicks on full-screen...
...And the video has to reload again.

First Published FanFic!

Please check it out! It's called "The Killjoys and the Neutral."
RATE AND REVIEW! (but mostly enjoy)


I'm trying to buy the "School Sucks, Start a Band" jacket online, which I've saved up for for a while. I pressed "Place Order' and it won't stop processing. It's been 30 minutes. WHADDIT I DO

What Will We Be?

Look alive, sunshines... Looks like Dr. Death Defying, Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid and Jet Star will be signing off and saying goodbye for a little while. And you know we'll miss them! So let's leave them with this:

That ball of light we call My Chemical Romance is our path to being seen. We listen to their melodies and we immediately can relate. We hear their words and we believe. We are saved by this ball of light.

Let's make sure that it never burns out.

New Layout

HOLY CRAP! It's finally coming! The new album is near!

Yeah, thats all I had to say...

High School = Hell in a Building.

Today was my first day in high school. As a freshman. It sucked.

Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance Cover

First cover of My Chemical Romance's song, Disenchanted! Sorry for messing up on some of the lyrics... :)

Hello? Are You Listening?

Hey, I'm Alison, and this is my first blog(props for the newbie). So I'm basically my username: The Living Outcast. I'm in high school(or as I think of it, hell in a building). I sing dance, act, play electric/acoustic guitar and piano, write songs, draw, paint, sculpt, ect. Anything Fine Arts related is my sanctuary. I'm not at all like the girls in my school (the ones who have to show a little too much skin and are always glaring at somebody), and I really don't belong anywhere except for the music room and art room.
I first heard about MCR from a friend, who told me to look up their