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With your music, We won't have to walk this world alone.

Let me tell you a story.

I had always been hidden as a kid. I wouldn’t ever try and stand out, because I feared being made fun of.

I was a frozen, bulimic, cutting and depressed freak.

That is, until I found MCR.

Most people think superheroes wore capes, right?

Well my heroes “believed in unicorns,” loved feather boas, had on-stage gay moments and were nick-named Princess Fro-Fro.

I guarantee that I’m not the only person that’s been saved by you.

I speak for MCRmy.

You took us up, saved us, and took care of us through our darkest days.

You CHALLENGED us to take on the impossible,

To be

If You Like Killjoy FanFics...

Hey MCRmy,

I've been making a FanFiction about the Killjoys for a while now, and I was hooping for you guys to comment and give me your feedback.

The link:

Thanks and keep running,


Boy Division/Tomorrow's Money.

It's like Jesus exploded in my ears.


Wretched and Divine.

Andy Biersack... Coming to Dallas!

It's about damn time.

Oh, so is Falling in Reverse. :D


Just saw New York ComicCon Live. Dude, I was so happy.

Fail of the Day

That awkward moment where you're so tired you wash your face with coditioner instead of face wash....


So there's this thing called YouNow... And I'm about to be live on it in the Musicians Channel in 5 minutes

This Song. Is A Curse.

Dude. Just downloaded the new Deadmau5 album and the Frankenweenie album a couple days ago...

It's like God is singing in my eardrums.

The Plot Thickens

No Homecoming date, going to spend it with two of my friends watching a movie. For $25 we get to see a movie, eat dinner and have a great time, while everyone else spends $25 to be in a cramped school gym.

We win.

School Sucks. Start a Band.

FINALLY got that "School Sucks, Start a Band" jacket I've been waiting so long for in the mail! YESSSSSS. I feel like suh a prep. THAT is how happy I am right now.