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It's been a while

I finally managed to listen to Welcome to the black parade again. After the split I couldn't listen to it without breaking down or turning it off but I managed it today, no tears and it felt amazing.
I'm still heart broken and it feels like a lot of people have moved on, I haven't, but this is a step in the right direction to accepting whats happened.

Thank you for everything.

Today I woke up to find that something terrible had happened, we all know what it was, They've split.
If there's anything I want the band to know it's that I feel nothing bad about their choice.
I'm heart broken and about 30 minutes ago I was yelling at the site's news post and dying inside.
But, I can't thank them enough for the times they've saved me,

Almost everyone on here has been at a point in their life where things have seemed hopeless and the band has helped them, I'm the same.