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My Chemical Romance

Ever since the breakup it's kind of like fans run the site now, it's literally the only activity, save people randomly purchasing things from the webstore. But onto the real question..

Short and sweet..

Does anyone ever type 'm' in the address bar of your browser and see '' there.. If you do, do you get a feeling of prehistoric misery?

I kinda do lol.. Not sure what to make of it.


The boys in Hawthorne Heights told me (I spent an entire day with them on the Vans Warped Tour recently, had a blast!

The title of 'Stay'. Things as they are.

For those of you who weren't aware..

Recently, on Twitter, Mr. Gerard Way himself revealed the tile of 'Untitled/Stay', the song that has been played live, and appears on the second half of the DVD included with 'The Black Parade is Dead!'

He has revealed the title to be; 'Someone Out There Loves You'

Let that sink in.

Let's all hope it gets released in full one day soon, and let's hope even harder that the My Chemical Romance breakup isn't a permanent thing.

I hope all of you online at this late hour have a good rest of the night, and a great day tomorrow.



I'm dumb, sorry.

'Stay/Untitled' isn't on Conventional Weapons and I'm upset and dumb. Bye.

Drummer situation.

So, okay. Here's the scoop. So much has been going on recently that I haven't been able to pick out the truth. So, who EXACTLY IS Jarrod Alexander, and is he a PERMANENT member of My Chem, and not just a touring member? Because I wouldn't say they're touring at the moment, aside from possible secret shows. But back to Jarrod, what's the deal here? Is he the new official drummer, because I got people telling me Bob came back, and that Jarrod is permanent. I mean, MCR HINTED at it late last year, but it's a little confusing.

It's all the disorganization in the MCRmy that's making this hard to

'Stay' on Conventional Weapons?

Okay, so a little while ago, I caught wind of a studio instrumental version of the song 'Stay' (or 'Untitled' as it appears on TBPID) through a Facebook page, and it is a studio version. I have a strong feeling that the relation between the song leaking now, and the final installment of Conventional Weapons (Number Five) coming in a few weeks, isn't sheer coincidence. I have this gut instinct telling me that it will be one of the tracks on Conventional Weapons Number Five.