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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 11

You all deserve this chapter, you really do.
God knows you've earned it.
I'm very low on inspiration etc. so I'm not sure when the next chapter will be.
Please understand it has to be this way. (:D)
Seriously, though, I'm sorry.


''Wake up!'' Final Glory called to the others. ''Cyanide Shockwave wants to see you!''
Bleary-eyed and bemused, Desert Atomik staggered out of the room, followed by Crimson Corrosion and Arctic Avenger.
''What is it?'' she grumbled ''And can't it wait? I'm tired...''
''We're all tired,'' Cyanide Shockwave said ''but this is important.''

They all stood around a small table, on which Cyanide placed a map of BL/ind controlled Zones.
''We're currently here,'' he pointed to Zone 4, ''but we can't stay for much longer. BLI forces are massing in Zone 2, and we can't afford to be around when they arrive here.''
''But what about Party Poison's attack?'' Arctic Avenger asked, ''Won't that finish them off?''

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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 10

These chapters are gonna have to get less frequent. I'm back at school now :(
So maybe 1 each 2 days?
Keep running!


''She's waking up.''
''That was some sprint!''
Cyanide Shockwave bent down to help Crimson Corrosion sit up. She stared around, dazed, and frowned up at them.
''What are you all looking at me for?'' she asked loudly, standing up. Crimson swayed on her feet. She looked as if she was about to faint a second time.
She sat down again.

''What happened?''
''You were running. Running away from that Drac - don't worry, we got him. That's all we know.''
Crimson Corrosion sighed.
''I've been running from Zone 2. I was staying with - my group, they came under attack. I tried to fight BLI off, but the Dracs were too strong. I killed all but that last one - my gun gave up. Thanks to you, I survived - but the others got ghosted.''
She took a great breath and fell back in her chair.

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Welcome To The Black Parade - My Sketch

Hello everyone!
Yesterday, I randomly started drawing this, so I thought I'd share it with you!
It's called 'Welcome To The Black Parade' (obviously), and I know it's very simple.
I'm not sure whether to add anything, so let me know if you think it needs something!


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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 9

Thanks to everyone waiting for this chapter.
Sorry about the delay - BL/ind caught my signal.
But don't worry, I fought them all off, but it's meant I've not been able to post for a while.
Keep Running!


"We'll be ready to attack in two days. We're going directly towards the BLI main building, and we'll stop at nothing to succeed."
Fun Ghoul and Desert Atomik were sitting around a small fire they had constructed. The sky was black, the last embers of the sun faint on the horizon.
Atom had accepted they were going long ago, unlike the others, who kept trying to convince Party Poison to stay. But Desert Atomik spent her time planning the bigger picture with Fun Ghoul.
"If we don't come back," said Fun Ghoul seriously, "which is a strong possibility, then we'll at least try to save her. Continue the Resistance until..."
"Until BL/ind are defeated?"
"Exactly. That's the spirit. Never give up."

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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 8

Hope you all like the story so far!
Stay tuned for more soon!


Final Glory had been surprised to see Arctic Avenger. And even more surprised to see him alive.
Although they had once met, she had not found him the best of Killjoys. After all, he was just a boy then. It had only been a year since the rise of BL/ind in 2012, and the worst horrors were yet to come.
Now, in 2019, the world was a different place. And Arctic Avenger was a different person. They all were.

Arctic Avenger had been with the Killjoys for about a week now, and they had moved back through the Zones.
They were now in a more industrial area - in Zone 4 - staying at a safe house owned by Kaleidoscopic Contamination. She was a famous Killjoy, one of the first to Resist after the Technological Revolution, which killed the last remaining members of her family.

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Big Project. Spreading the Word!

This is all the idea of the user 'SevenShadesOfShit'.
I'm just reposting 'cause she asked me to.

So I've been thinking about this project the past few days that I really want to set out to life. But to do that I need your help. I think this project will be really cool if enough of you Killjoys out there help me with this, it would mean a lot to me. I just need a few teeny, tiny things from you and then I'll do the rest :)

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Cheer Me Up - Please!

I've just been sick, and I'm feeling pretty low.
Someone please messenge me to cheer me up!
My head and throat hurts :(

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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 7

Chapter 8 coming soon - maybe not today though
Please comment - all reviews are appreciated!


Arctic Avenger looked up at three faces looking down at him, confused and concerned.
How did he get here? All he remembered was the blue light.
And running. Running away.
No. Running towards something.

The faces were familiar. They were Killjoys, that was it. But one of them was very familiar.
He had seen the girl in blue before. What was her name?
His head hurt. Final Glory, that was it!

And now he remembered. He had been following this group for days. Hoping to join. To be in the Resistance. To avenge his family.

''Who are you?'' asked the one with the green bandana. It was obvious he was the leader.
''Arctic Avenger'' he replied, truthfully.
''How did you find us?'' the other girl asked threateningly. She was the one who had shot him.

Arctic Avenger told them the whole story, the whole truth.

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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 6

Keep reading. Keep running!
And if you haven't read the previous chapters, please do!


Desert Atomik ran towards the motionless figure.
''Oh no... No...''
He was lying face down. 
There was still a small chance he was a more casually-dressed member of BL/ind. Perhaps a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. 
Or an ally...

As she turned the figure over it became apparent he was a Killjoy. Although his bandana was a bright white, it had the symbol of Resistance sprayed on to it: the spider. The American Widow.
He was a Killjoy. And she had killed him.

''What's that?'' Cyanide Shockwave asked. He had seen her. He walked over to Desert Atomik, and saw the dead Killjoy. Cyanide Shockwave turned away, disgusted.
''I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't... I thought he was... I'm sorry!'' Atom began to cry.
''No. It's done now.'' said Cyanide firmly. ''We'll give him a proper burial. It's all he deserves.''
Then he reached down to pick up the body.

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Killjoy Fanfic - Chapter 5

This is a short chapter, too - I'm sorry :(
I'm just spacing it out to keep up the suspense and all that.
Chapter 6 coming later today (probably)


Arctic Avenger had decided that tonight, he would approach the Killjoys.
He crept slowly over while they were sitting around a radio.

A voice pierced the silence. A voice Arctic Avenger now knew of as belonging to Dr Death Defying, perhaps one of the most well known Killjoys.

Arctic Avenger walked more quickly now, eager to join the group.
And then one of them turned. A girl, by the looks of it.
Avenger decided he would talk to her first. So he walked out in the open.

He saw her take out her gun, and was surprised. Maybe she thought he was the enemy?
He must tell her the truth.

A ray of blue light shot past him, bursting into the darkening sky.
He ran now. He had to tell them.