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THX a lot!!!! it works again,but....

my messages are disappeared :/ least it works again XD

what happened to the community?
Gee with glasses <3
the best day in my life

Thursday..I was at the concert of LP in Cologne!!!
It was amazing!!! the show was awesome <3
I had a M&G!!!! <3
I hugged Chester and highfived Mike!!!! <3
OMG!!!! still can not believe this!!!


Happy belated bday Frankie! <3

I'm sad.....

I wish that tomorrow I will have a better day:( and a positive answer......from an email......

Linkin Park

I'm going to see them in November...I'm so nervous....oh and I have a M&G package :D I will die when I meet them XD hope to get a pic and a hug <3

I'm not very happy about Gee's new european dates :/ :(

I hoped he will come to my country...

Video of Millions

Gee's new video is cool Xd he looks so awesome in it <3 love his eye make up
but his videos are a bit weird

I'm in Love with Linkin Park

I'm so addicted to them XD Can't stop listening to their music or watching videos XD

They are such an awesome band and their lyrics are so amazing!!!!!