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is there anyone who have already ordered sth on bandcamp??

i ordered sth and i am wondered when they will ship the item and if i will get noticed.....i already contacted the, but they havent answered yet

Listen to Jared Hart's past lives and pass lines record

you def should listen to it, it's worth to do it

its really amazing and lets support him :D

Preorder!!!! :)

Preorder of jared hart's album is now open on say10 records website :)

Please support this awesome singer and preorder it ;)

is there really nobody who will attend franks us tour?
Anyone going on franks us tour?

Jared Hart is one of the supporting act
so my question is:
do you have any recordings of his songs? or if you will go...can you please record a song of him?

would be amazing!!!!

Jared hart of the scandals will release a solo record

the record will be released this month
you should def buy and listen to it...its amazing

there are already two songs released on the website

WHO CARES ABOUT THIS NATIOnal football league???????????

its really annoying alll those posts about this football league -.-
REALLY WHO THE F*** CARES????????????????????
please dont post it 100 times in the community -.-

Jared Hart (the Scandals) will release a solo album

You should def listen to it!!!! He released two songs and they sounds amazing!! :D

The album will come out in november and he will tour with Frank in his upcoming US tour

community is back again!!!!!!!????!!!!!
jurassic world trailer

am i the only one who is excited for the new movie??