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hey guys!!! long time no post...i know

lets start...what happened it my life...nothing really interesting

well i was at the tattoo conventions some weeks ago...didnt got a tat..too expensive for a convention...however it was pretty cool
i meet a guy named jokerboy...he has a facial tattoo..guess what?!?! joker hahaha yeah was pretty cool...hes a really nice guy...i mean really nice guy
oh and he has facial scarification...not sure if i spelled it right^^ he has cuttings for the smile ..the chelsea smile,,looks pretty cool

what busy with some stuff which really sucks! well will get over it hahaha

will go in

Springsteen show was amazing!

blown away by this show yesterday in barcelona

my first springsteen show and it was amazing! he played almost 4 hours

had a really good place: 1st pit

night before the show: met him at his hotel^^

Show was amazing yesterday

I was at the show of Brian Fallon and Jared Hart yesterday
Brian Fallon And Jared gave a free instore show in afternoon! Amazing!!! The played 4 songs! Afterwards it was an autograph session for Brian! I asked him if i can also get one from jared, brian said yes and called him back^^ then I followed Jared to the record store ...kinda stalker^^.... to get a pic and talking to him! he is such a nice guy! oh and i got a selfie with him!!! im so happy!!!! he is so cute

Tomorrow :D

i will go tomorrow on jared hart's show!!!! im so excited!!! this is so amazing and im so nervous :P well he will be the opener for brian fallon, hes good too, but my sis is more into brian

Springsteen cancelled the concert in North Carolina

he cancelled it because of this bathroom law...
well i totally disagree with his decision, i mean why cancellin the whole show, he only punished his own fans! i mean this didnt stop the law at all

what do you think about it?

Happy Birthday Gee!!!!!

He's almost 40! but still looks so damn young! this guy will never age hun?

will get a tattoo in august

im pretty excited to get this tattoo
today i was at the tattoo studio to talk about the wish tattoo and the artist said he will do it and i have now an appointment on 11 august :)

oh the tattoo artist is an american living in luxembourg

so exciting to get it! it will be my first one


happy easter

i wish everybody a happy easter! hope you have a nice sunday and already had


easter is coming

well im not celebrating it as a religious holiday, but more a a family thing, you know
my brother will visit us over the weekend and we will have a huge meal^^
with family i only mean, parents and siblings, not more^^

but im excited for it, because i always love the food


these papers kinda sux

i have to write so many things for the university which kinda sux....
too many papers, too much work

like i have to write 2 papers of 12 pages, which is kinda impossible because the topics are kinda dumb

however, i have to get though this!

hope you have better days and less stressful than mine!